Maldives Offshore Company FAQs

1.Do I need to be physically present while opening a bank account?

This depends upon the rules and requirements of the bank

2.Does opening an offshore company mean that the bank account will also automatically open?

No. for opening a bank account you need to mention the requirements of the company in the form.

3.What services will a Nominee Director perform?

A nominee director can be used if the client is unable to meet the local requirements. The name of the nominee director will be mentioned in all the necessary documents of the company.

4.Can you select the name of the Company?

Yes, you need to select the name of the company, but the name should not be already in use by any other company.

5.Can the company apply for dissolution?


6.What are the modes of payment available to a person?

One can pay using a credit card or by cash. Bank transfer is also a valid payment method.