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Business Setup in Malaysia

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country, between Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, with a fairly consistent GDP growth rate since the 1950s. In the 1970s. it was primarily an agrarian country, and its shift towards industrialization commenced in the 1980s. Malaysia is attempting to achieve high-income status by 2020 and to move farther up the value-added production chain by attracting investments in Islamic finance, technology industries and biotechnology. Exports – particularly of electronics, oil & gas, palm oil and rubber – continue to be a significant driver of the economy.

Company Registration in Malaysia

A company registration in Malaysia can be incorporated as one of the following business entity types.

  • Sole Proprietorship: A sole proprietorship business entity in Malaysia is owned solely by just 1 individual, as his/her liability is unlimited. This implies that if the business fails or is declared bankrupt, creditors can sue the sole proprietor’s owner for all debts owed to respective merchants. The owner’s personal assets, personal income and employment income are all liable. It is the simplest and the least expensive to incorporate.
  • Partnership: A partnership is an extended form of sole proprietorship, with the difference that a partnership has 2 to 20 members – as against just 1 in a sole proprietorship. This form of company is generally set up for professional firms such as lawyers and auditors.
  • Private Limited Company: A private limited company, also known as Sendirian Berhad (Sdn Bhd), is a company which doesn’t extend any invitation to the public to subscribe to any of its shares, deposit money with the company for investment or subscription. The number of members in a Sendirian Berhad may range from 2 to 50.
  • Public Limited Company: A public limited company, referred to as Berhad (Bhd) regionally, is similar to a private limited company, except that it may offer its shares to the public and it has more than 50 members. Although not necessarily so, Berhads are usually listed companies. The Securities Commission of Malaysia governs a Berhad. Large businesses prefer to go with a Berhad.
  • International Trading Company: An international trading company, also called a Labuan company, is a provision for entrepreneurs looking only to trade with customers overseas. It is registered with the Labuan International Business and Financial Centre, and unlike other business entities, it does not require a resident director's appointment. A Labuan company enjoys considerable tax exemption.
  • Bumiputera Company: A Bumiputera company is essentially a limited liability company whose at least 30% of the shares are held by native Malay residents or other Bumiputera companies. Such a company is eligible for special grants and incentives like discounts on purchasing or renting land, less expensive business licences, special bank agreements, etc. A Bumiputera company is preferred by people looking to form a Malay joint venture.
  • Branch Office: A foreign corporation can set up its branch office in Malaysia. Such an office can engage in business activities involving invoicing, contract signing, or trade and is required to appoint 2 resident representatives in Malaysia.
  • Representative Office: A representative office is allowed only to conduct market research or promote the business of its parent company. It is not authorized to conduct business or sign contracts in Malaysia. It is not subject to corporate tax.
  • Free Zone Company: A free zone company, or Export Processing Zone (EPZ) company, is a company in an EPZ in Malaysia, generally aimed at maximizing export value. An EPZ company enjoys varied tax exemptions, unlimited repatriation of funds, low land and utility costs, and proximity to efficient transport networks.

Benefits of Company Formation in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of Southeast Asia’s largest economies and a leading exporter of semiconductor components and devices, solar panels, electrical goods, and information and communication technology (ICT) products. Following are the advantages of company formation in Malaysia:

  • The Malaysian government is very supportive of business and cares about making Malaysia a highly developed nation. Consequently, it welcomes opportunities for foreign investment.
  • Malaysia features a skilled workforce, low-cost business environment, favorable climate, educational opportunities, and availability of a pool of multilingual professionals competent in English and other major Asian languages.
  • The country has a stable economy, thus lesser risk for overseas entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Malaysia has introduced special taxation and financial incentives to encourage foreign investment into research and development (R&D), and encourages activities related in industrial technology.

Why Us?

Malaysia is a culturally rich and ecologically diverse nation offering cutting edge business development opportunities at a competitive price landscape. Business Setup Worldwide helps businessmen, entrepreneurs and investors establish their company in Malaysia through consulting, incorporation, registration, and legal services. Our experts take care of the entire Banking, Visa, Legal, and Licensing formalities, and allow corporates to enjoy their company formation process without worrying about the bureaucratic red tape and legal formalities. We guide you through your company formation, with your business objectives at the centre of our ecosystem, all the way. If you are wondering how to open a company in Malaysia, do reach out to us.


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