What are the profitable business sectors in Kuala Lumpur?

The profitable business sectors in Kuala Lumpur are,
Fashion business
Auto service and car wash
Leasing business
Real estate business
Construction business
Rubber plantation
E-commerce store

Why do startups prefer Kuala Lumpur?

Startups prefer Kuala Lumpur as an ideal location because of its high quality of living, fast-tracked visa, startup incubation, and robust government support.

Is Kuala Lumpur an ideal place for starting a business?

Yes, Kuala Lumpur is an ideal place for starting a business.

Do we need a business license in Malaysia?

Yes, having a valid business license is essential for starting a business in Malaysia.

List out a few licenses in Malaysia.

The following are the types of business licenses in Kuala Lumpur
General licenses
Sector/industry-specific licenses
Activity specific licenses

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