Malaysia Offshore Company FAQs

1.Can you choose the name for your company?

While filling the form, you need to provide three names of your choosing in order of your preference. If the first name is already in use, the next title will be allotted to you.

2.What is a DUNS number?

A DUNS is a unique number which is allotted to the company and is required by a company as it will help a company in searching for finance.

3.Does Malaysia have any Double Taxation Agreement in place?

Yes, Malaysia has signed DTA’s with 65 countries.

4.Can a Malaysian Incorporate a Labuan Company?

A Labuan company can be incorporated by both Malaysian and Non-Malaysian. They both can be the director as well as the beneficiary of a Labuan company.

5.Do I need to be physically present in Labuan to incorporate the Labuan Company?

No, a physical presence is not necessary for incorporating a Labuan Company.

6.What is the time taken to incorporate a Labuan Company?

The incorporation of a Labuan Company requires 2-3 working days after receiving all the necessary documentation.

7.Does a Labuan company need to fine an Audit annually?

A Labuan company must annually file for an audit, and it must not be later than 30 days before the date of incorporation of the company.

8.Does Labuan Company require Company secretary?

Yes, and in case the number of secretaries exceeds one, one of the secretaries must be a resident secretary.