Intellectual Property Services in Nigeria

In general, items made from intellectual creations are covered by intellectual property (IP). It can also be used as a broad phrase to refer to intellectual products for which the law grants the designated proprietors the only right of appropriation. A complex of statutes known as intellectual property law regulates all pertinent aspects of intellectual property rights, including ownership, registration, protection, licensing, assignment, and longevity.

Several laws in Nigeria impact the administration and preservation of various intellectual property rights. However, Nigeria's three primary laws controlling intellectual property law are the Trademarks Act, the Patents and Designs Act, and the Copyrights Act.

Intellectual Property Rights in Nigeria

Following is a brief description of the various types of intellectual property in Nigeria which can be protected under the Intellectual Property Protection Law. The offshore intellectual property company can be opened. Learn more about 10 reasons to open an offshore intellectual property IP company

1. Copyright

The legislation known as copyright, safeguards an individual's original creative work. These works include books, software, musical compositions, dramas, photographs, sketches, paintings, sculptures, sound recordings, motion pictures, broadcasts, and cable programs. Copyright programs to work materials that are accessible online. Nigeria's regulating body for copyright administration and protection is the Nigerian Copyright Commission, a federal agency under the Ministry of Trade, Commerce, and Industry. In accordance with the copyright notification scheme, this commission registers the copyrights after receiving notification from the owner. The duration of copyright protection in Nigeria is as follows:


Literary, musical, and artistic works 70 years after the death of the author
Cinematographic films and sound recordings 50 years after the published year
Photographs 50 years after the shot was taken
Broadcast works 50 years after the broadcast first took place


2. Trademark

A trademark is a seal, sign, symbol, or logo that differentiates one trader's goods or services from those of others. In Nigeria, trademark protection registration is done under the Registrar of Trademarks. Once a trademark is registered, it can be protected for seven years from the registration date and can be further renewed from time to time according to the provision of the law.

The Register Trademark in Nigeria has the right to decline, albeit following the Trademarks Act. Therefore, distinctiveness alone does not guarantee registration. According to the Act, trademark registration in Nigeria may be disapproved if it is dishonest, scandalous, or against the law.

3. Patent

Patents are the type of intellectual property that protects technical innovations. In Nigeria, The Patent Act 1970, which is now designated as Cap P2, LFN 2004, governs the registration and practice of patents. Once the patent is registered, it can be protected for 20 years from the filing date.

Furthermore, on registration, any patent owner has the exclusive right to create, use, import, or put their invention on the market and possesses the power to take legal action if anyone uses their patent without their consent. In addition, you can avail of intellectual property services.

4. Industrial Design

According to the Patent and Designs Act, an industrial design is essentially a sort of intellectual property that safeguards the external features of a product, such as its shape, configuration, pattern, or unique design, which have been applied through an industrial process. An industrial design can be registered to be protected for five years from the application date, and it can then be renewed for two additional periods of five years each.

Intellectual Property Registration Services in Nigeria

  • Registering trademarks, patents, and copyrights
  • Anti-counterfeiting and implementing the intellectual property rights
  • Intellectual property licensing service
  • Resolving any intellectual property disputes
  • Litigating in case of infringement of IP rights
  • Assuring IP protection overseas
  • Brand valuation

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1. What fundamentals are important before registering industrial designs in Nigeria?

Not contrary to public order or morality

2. How is Nigerian intellectual property law applied?

Several laws in Nigeria impact the administration and preservation of various intellectual property rights. However, Nigeria's three primary laws controlling intellectual property law are the Trademarks Act, the Patents and Designs Act, and the Copyrights Act.

3. What is the process of trademark registration in Nigeria?

Do availability research
Acknowledge the application
Acceptance of the application
Publish the trademark
Issue the registration certificate