Payroll Outsourcing Services in Nigeria

Employees are an important and integral part of a business and taking care of its employees is a very crucial function which a company should perform. This is usually done by conducting a payroll service for the employees. Payroll services are usually considered as non-core functions, meaning that this function does not increase the value of the product or service, but this function records all essential data about the employees of the company such as their salary, amount of leaves taken, efficiency, etc.

All that said, the main aim of a payroll department is to confirm that all the employees of the company are paid accurately and on time. Their salary must have the correct and accurate deductions such as taxes, pension, etc. or else the employees will not be motivated to work hard enough for the company.

What is Outsourcing Payroll Services in Nigeria?

Outsourcing payroll services mean that the management of these payroll services is transferred to a third party or an outside agency who would provide their expertise in the matter. This is a whole lot better than having a complete and separate department for payroll in the company as it would save time, money and resources of the company. These third parties would be solely dedicated to providing payroll services and would be having access to state of the art technologies and the professional expertise required in the domain.

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll Services in Nigeria

1.Increased Motivation

Receiving the correct amount of remuneration and the other benefits will greatly help the morale of the employees of the company. If they have the feeling that the company is taking steps towards the betterment of the life of its employees, they would work much harder and with greater efficiency which would, in turn, increase the profitability of the company.

2.Efficient Management of Time and Resources

Payroll is a time and labour intensive process and has to be done again and again every month. Thus it eats up a lot of time and other important resources of the management. This process could be greatly simplified by outsourcing the payroll function as it would be a lot cheaper than maintaining a separate payroll department in the company and would also free up the time of the various employees of the company.

3.Expert Advice

When a business is established, the real work for the business starts. Now, it has to keep on working to understand its workings, its competitors and the business environment and make sure that the business is able to exist no matter what. A payroll outsourcing firm consists of dedicated experts in a particular field and would provide expert and relevant advice which would affect the business in a positive way. The people in the outsourcing firm continually research and study upon the regulations and understand every possible dimension of the law. This allows them to be experts in the domain and provide the proper advice which the business needs.

4.Comprehensive and Precise Reports

As the payroll outsourcing companies are dedicated towards only payroll function, they have the knowledge to gather specific and detailed information about the employees and have the skills to present such information. They provide detailed and comprehensive reports which would not be feasible with an in-house payroll department. They also have an understanding of this domain and can present ad hoc reports at a moment’s notice.

5.Time to Focus on Other Issues

Outsourcing the payroll services would greatly reduce the cost and time devoted to this function by the management. Since the management would delegate this process to a third party, they would be free to properly concentrate on the other workings of the business and channel the resources where ever it is required the most.

All in all, outsourcing the payroll services will allow you to be at par with the dynamic business environment, the ever-changing rules and regulations of the business and will also save a lot of time of the management of the company. Due to the various benefits of outsourcing these services, companies all over the world prefer to delegate these functions to a third party rather than keeping an in-house payroll department.

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Our Services

Business Setup Worldwide provides the following payroll outsourcing services:

  • Processing monthly salaries
  • Processing reimbursement and arrears
  • Lowering risk pertaining to compliance of the rules and regulations
  • Support the employee payroll life-cycle from the date of initiation to exit of the employee
  • Provision of payroll programs and software according to the needs of the company
  • Providing online payslips

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