Company Secretarial Services in the Netherlands

Who We Are

Business Setup Worldwide is a platform to help you start your company. We facilitate the setup of your business through services like incorporation, registration and licensing.

We are a bedrock with your business objectives at the centre of our operations. We specialize in business-oriented support activities, in face of the ever-changing global executive environment. We take pride in our ability to adapt to the market and devise innovative strategies to aid firms with their vision.

Business Setup Worldwide proprietary business design techniques, combined with its specialized industry knowledge and global reach, enable companies to anticipate changes in customer priorities and the competitive environment, and then design their businesses and improve operations to seize opportunities created by those changes.

Why Does a Business Need Company Secretarial and Business Consultancy Services?

For a business to comply with government and business regulations is a primary prerequisite. Thus, functions like holding company statutory records, maintaining shareholders’ register, and filing audited financial statements, assume prime importance. It is also favourable that a business remains up to date with regulatory changes, further emphasizing the need for company secretarial services.

Our Offerings

Business Setup Worldwide provides the following company/corporate secretarial services:

  • Organizing board of directors, annual shareholders and advisory committee meetings, with the requisite documentation for these, as per the local legislation
  • Maintaining corporate records for you to be able to consult important documentation at will
  • Preparing management board activity report, pertinent annual reports, shareholder resolutions approving the financial statement or appointing the auditor, and the petition to the court on filing of the financial statement with the collection of deeds of the commercial register
  • Arranging for corporate domiciliation services, providing a registered and a correspondence address in Amsterdam, along with the handling of incoming corporate mail

Benefits of Taking Company Secretarial and Business Consultancy Services

  • Meeting regulatory standards is not only beneficial for a company but also required by corporate law
  • Secretarial services mitigate and dilute any possible operational risk

Why Us?

Business Setup Worldwide helps firms and entrepreneurs in setting up their company in Netherlands by providing company/corporate secretarial services to enable them tackle with regulatory requirements properly. Our experts specialize in managing regulatory matters in a safe and timely way, as per your customized business needs. We have a highly experienced corporate secretarial team in Netherlands to support you with compliance, regulation and business consulting.