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Why Does a Business Need Intellectual Property Services?

Intellectual property (IP) can be defined as the innovative and original product of human intelligence, creativity and/or mental labour that has some market value, and therefore calls for protection under the law. IP is usually non-material, for instance, ideas, logos, literary works, inventions, and names of services, products or companies. The owners of these non-material things have exclusivity on those and can manufacture or use it mostly in any way, provided they are protected through appropriate IP rights.

How Intellectual Property Services Work?

Netherlands provides for the following types of intellectual property rights.

  • Patent: A patent is the exclusive right to an invention in all fields of technology. Dutch patents are protected under the Dutch Patent Act (Rijksoctrooiwet), 1995. For a Dutch patent, an applicant must file an application to the Netherlands Patent Office. Within 13 months of the patent application, a novelty search is to be asked for. The results of this search will be made available within 9 months. The outcome does not determine whether a patent will be granted, even in the event of the search report indicating that the invention lacks novelty. In a patent dispute the novelty requirement is assessed by the courts. 18 months after the filing date, the patent will be published in the Dutch patent register. The term of protection of the patent is 20 years as from the date of filing.
  • Trademark: A trademark is a symbol which differentiates a company from others. It could be a logo or brand name. A Dutch trademark must be registered for it to be protected in the Netherlands (and Belgium and Luxembourg). The Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP) is the official body for the registration of Benelux trademarks. The registering a trademark takes around 4 months. It is valid for a period of 10 years, and can be renewed every ten years, provided the request for renewal is made within 6 months before the expiration date.
  • Copyright: A copyright grants the author of a literary, scientific or artistic work the exclusive right to avail the work to the public and reproduce it. It is protected by the Copyright Act (Auteurswet). A copyright is obtained by the very creation of a work that meets the conditions of a work valid for copyright. There are no formal requirements such as registration or the application of a copyright symbol. Copyright protection lasts till 70 years after the death of the author or, in case the author is a legal entity, seventy years after the first publication of the work.
  • Trade Name: A trade name is the name that a company trades under. For all intents and purposes, a company is free to choose any trade name. However, it is prohibited to use a trade name that can be misleading, e.g. about the ownership or the legal nature of the entity. Furthermore, a trade name need not be distinctive. The usage of a trade name gives a company the trade name rights to it. But, the Dutch Trade Name Act prohibits the use of a trade name that is identical to a trade name already being used by another company, if such use can cause likelihood of confusion about the nature and location of the companies.

Benefits of Intellectual Property Services

  • An intellectual property registration adds great value to business authenticity. By filing an IP, the businessman gets the legal right to ownership of the IP, and the right to prevent others from using the IP without permission
  • An IP enables one to protect one’s market share by preventing impostors from using the same concept or idea
  • The IP can be licensed to third parties for commercial returns
  • The IP can be sold for an amount or even used to raise equity for the business

Why Us?

As a specialist firm, Business Setup Worldwide offers a broad gamut of intellectual property protection services. Our team comprises intellectual property lawyers and trademark registration consultants, to facilitate the IP protection process for you. We are well equipped to protect your intangible assets.


1. Which ministry is responsible for intellectual property rights in the Netherlands?

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.

2. What is the Brexit effect on intellectual property rights?

You can choose not to have a UK trademark for your current EUTM if you want.

3. What are the different types of IP in the Netherlands?

Design right
Plant breeders Right

4. For how long does a patent valid in the Netherlands?

20 years.