Company Secretarial Services in New Zealand

Why Does a Business Need Company Secretarial Services?

Whether it is listed company, Partnership Company, government department or a statutory commission, a company secretary operates in a challenging and complex environment. They have to tackle a wide range of stimulating issues in a company. And they are often relied upon by the advisors and directors to handle the regulatory requirements relevant to the corporate governance. Having a corporate secretarial service will ensure a secure information handling and completing all the necessary paperwork right from arranging shareholders/stakeholders’ meeting and completing a report on the same to ensuring statutory compliance and interacting with regulatory bodies. A company secretary brings both technical expertise and the highest ethical standards to the table. Not to mention, corporate secretarial services often encompass the best practices in business.

Benefits of Corporate Secretarial Services

A company secretary has a wide range of responsibilities which are carried by them accordingly on time. They bring a range of benefits for a company and the following mentioned are few advantages of company secretarial services.

1. Handling of Administrative Requirements

A highly qualified company secretarial service will help a company handle the administrative functions with ease and efficiency. New Zealand’s strict regulatory requirements are before-known to a company secretary due to whom you can rest assured that you don’t have to face being penalized for non-compliance, late document submission, or inaccurate reports.

2. Maintaining Company Records

Having a corporate secretarial service will ensure the accurate handling of all the financial, non-financial records of the company. A firm, especially small businesses rely on the memory of one or two individuals rather than well-maintained records and can often be left with unfortunate consequences. Hence a company can be at rest when it comes to maintaining accurate financial records by hiring company secretarial services in New Zealand.

3. Ease and Convenience

Company Secretary possesses the knowledge and experience in handling all administrative requirements. All the processes and compliances are done with ease, quickly, accurately, and more efficiently. You can save yourself with the hassle that goes through when you have an in-house company secretary that isn’t well-equipped to handle the job.

4. Access to a Wide Range of Services

A comprehensive suite of service involves company formation, payroll, amalgamating companies, amongst others. A company can take advantage of these offerings and benefit from the expertise that a company secretary NZ provides.

Business Setup Worldwide Company Secretarial Services

We provide a full company secretarial and register service for all type of companies. This includes:

  • Incorporation of private and public companies, limited by shares or guarantee, their conversion, and re-conversion
  • Providing the board of directors with advice, in relation to the Companies Act, New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) requirements and the organization's constitution, to ensure both the board and the company meet legal and regulatory obligations
  • Arranging annual general meeting including notices, proxies, and reports
  • Carrying out the instructions of the board, assisting in the implementation of corporate strategies and giving practical effect to the board's decisions
  • Liaising with shareholders and a range of other external parties including auditors, lawyers and tax advisers
  • Lodge annual returns of the company
  • Amend company records and maintain registers for directors and shareholders

Who We Are

Business Setup Worldwide is a platform that will help you in setting up a business in New Zealand. We have a wide range of service which includes company incorporation, registration, accounting and bookkeeping services, and corporate secretarial services. Our team of professionals is at hand to eliminate the anxiety associated with all the vital but time-consuming business processes. We take pride in our ability to adapt to the market and devise innovative strategies to aid firms with their corporate strategy.

Why Us?

Business Setup Worldwide in New Zealand provides a full range of corporate services to help clients reduce risks, achieve compliance, control costs and simplify operations. Our New Zealand team provides payroll services, secretarial services and is familiar with every aspect of global-standard accounting. A role of a company secretary is constantly changing and challenging and our advisors in NZ are well-versed with the procedures and compliances related to this service. We help your business with your company goals at the centre of our operations. We specialize in business support activities, in the ever-changing global corporate environment.