FAQs On Ajman Offshore Company

1. What are the different tax benefits associated with Ajman offshore company setup?

The various tax benefits of starting an offshore company in Ajman include:
• Income tax exemption
• Corporate tax exemption
• No capital gains tax
• No withholding tax
• No value-added tax

2. Are corporate directors mandatory?

No, it is not compulsory to have a corporate director. However, companies can choose to appoint a corporate director according to their business requirements.

3. What about accessibility to double tax treaties?

The jurisdiction has access to Double Tax Treaties (DDT) as it has signed this agreement with more than 45 countries.

4. Is it mandatory to have a company seal?

Yes, it is compulsory to have a company seal for offshore businesses.

5. Which records should be kept available during the public inspection?

The following records should be maintained and kept available for public inspection:
• A copy of share register
• A copy of director register
• An imprint of company seal

6. Should offshore companies in Ajman have an address?

Yes, offshore companies are required to have a local registered address.

7. What about confidentiality for offshore businesses in Ajman?

Offshore companies can have complete confidentiality and privacy, as no records are available for public inspection.

8. Are bearer shares allowed in Ajman?

No, bearer shares are not allowed in Ajman offshore company. All shares must be in the registered form.

9. Are banking services available for offshore businesses?

The jurisdiction offers excellent banking facilities with many international and local banks, and can have a bank account in many international banks.

10. Is Ajman suitable for offshore business?

Ajman is ideal for conducting offshore business as it is politically stable and has a business-friendly environment.

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