Delaware Offshore Company Formation Cost & Renewal Fees

Delaware is a choice for setting up companies because of its business-friendly environment and favorable tax laws. However, it's important to consider the expenses involved in a Delaware company registration, such as formation fees, ongoing renewal fees, and other associated costs. Let's delve into the cost of Delaware company incorporation and discuss ways to optimize expenses while ensuring compliance with all requirements.

Our comprehensive package for Delaware company incorporation is priced at $1,200.

With Business Setup Worldwide assistance you'll obtain all the documents to ensure your business can operate smoothly from day one. Our Delaware company formation  package includes the following:

  •  Certificate of Incorporation
  •  Company Secretarial Maintenance
  •  Memorandum and Articles of Association
  •  Company Head Office (Registered Address and Agent)
  •  Share Certificate(s)
  •  Resolution Regarding Shareholder Nomination and Share Distribution
  •  BSW Account Manager for 1 Year 

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1,400 1,200 USD

Why Business Setup Worldwide?

As a trusted service provider, we hold expertise in assisting clients with establishing and maintaining offshore incorporation. We understand the complexities involved in forming a company, including the associated expenses. Our team of professionals is well-equipped to offer tailor-made solutions that cater to your requirements.


Renewal Fee after One Year of Business Registration

  •  Renewal of Head Office and Registered Agent Services
  •  Verification and Business Compliance Check
  •  BSW Account Manager, for 1 Year

Please note that there may be additional administrative charges related to banking services.

* Additional Banking Administrative charges may apply

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Optional Services

Nominee Director

A nominee director can be appointed on behalf of an interested party. He/she acts as company director but in a passive role.

570 USD

Nominee Shareholder

A nominee shareholder holds the legal title to the shares in a company on behalf of the beneficiary owner. He/she has no claim over the shares but his/her credentials appear for official registration purposes.

570 USD

Designing Company Logo, Business Card and Letterhead

310 USD

Company Seal

310 USD

Company Stamp

90 USD


250 USD

Power of Attorney

If you have opted for a Nominee Director, a Power of Attorney may be appointed to take decisions on behalf of the company

190 USD

Employer Identification Number (EIN)

EIN is a social security number assigned to a business for account opening

550 USD

Physical Address

1,500 USD

Dispatch of Original Corporate Documents via Courier

80 USD

What is a Delaware offshore company, and why should I consider forming one?

A Delaware offshore company is a legal entity established outside the United States but with its administrative operations in Delaware. Creating a Delaware offshore company can offer many advantages, including favorable tax laws, limited liability protection, and asset protection.

What are the costs involved in forming a Delaware offshore company?

The costs associated with starting a Delaware offshore company include registration, legal, and annual renewal fees. Prices may differ depending on the complexity of the formation process and the services required.


Can I reduce the costs of forming a Delaware offshore company?

You can reduce the costs of creating a Delaware offshore company by working with a reputable, cost-effective service provider. Additionally, consider outsourcing non-core tasks, such as bookkeeping and administrative tasks, to reduce costs further.

What are the renewal fees for a Delaware offshore company?

The prices for renewing a Delaware offshore company vary depending on the type of company, the number of shares issued, and the value of the company's assets. However, the fees are generally modest compared to other jurisdictions.

How can I comply with all my Delaware offshore company's legal and regulatory requirements?

Working with an experienced service provider can help you comply with your Delaware offshore company's legal and regulatory requirements. They can assist you with filing the necessary paperwork, maintaining proper records, and adhering to all relevant laws and regulations.