Offshore Bank Account in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most popular offshore jurisdictions that one can ever think of. It has been a favorable ground for small businesses, investors, and corporate entities. In addition to the company formation procedures, the location provides opportunities for faster growth and fewer political dangers.

When you opt for offshore company formation, you must also take care of the bank-related proceedings that will help you in the elongate run. An offshore bank account allows an individual to carry out business banking transactions quickly.

Singapore Offshore Banking

Numerous banks consistently offer business investors and corporations the best offshore banking services. In addition, Singapore has also proven to be a remarkable business destination with top-notch security and secrecy. Thus, offshore banking in Singapore is thoroughly opted for by business investors.

Individual requirements should be taken into account before opening a bank account, such as:

  • Determining the purpose of the bank account
  • Comparing the bank account fees
  • Understanding the documentation requirements
  • Conducting intensive analysis of the various banking options available
  • Getting advice from tax advisors

You can get exposure to global banking and investment diversification opportunities by opening an offshore bank account in Singapore. Along with this, it would be useful if you know about offshore jurisdictions.

Benefits of Singapore Offshore Account

Singapore offshore banking provides many benefits for global financial players who want to set up new business centers.

  • Greater privacy
  • Low or no taxation
  • Easy access to deposits
  • Protection against local, political, or financial instability

How to Start an Offshore Bank Account in Singapore?

Below are the steps every business people should know before opening an offshore account in Singapore.

Get in Touch with a Professional Expert

The important thing that must be done to handle the entire procedure is working with specialists. As a foreigner, you could encounter several challenges when taking the initial step. To overcome the hurdles, you can seek assistance from business consultants.

Get Thorough Research into the Banking Options

The next step is to gather the available possibilities. Be careful to talk to your business professional while you handle the processes. As they have in-depth knowledge of the subject, proceeding under the guidance of an expert becomes advantageous.

Be Handy with the Documents

Before moving forward, ensure you have the documents to open an offshore banking account in Singapore. The fundamental prerequisites include the following:

  • Duly filled bank account opening form
  • Well-drafted business plan
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Articles of Association (AOA)
  • Address proof of the shareholders and directors
  • Passport-sized photos 
  • Identity proof

Therefore, the documents must be submitted to the banking authorities, which will undergo severe inspection and scrutiny.

Obtain the Respective Approvals

After filing the paperwork, you must wait for the appropriate approvals that the bank's higher authorities will grant. You will get help from your business counselor throughout the entire procedure.

Carry out the Business Transactions

The last step is conducting business with your respective clients. After that, however, you may conduct commercial operations on a global scale, engage in forex trading, work with cryptocurrencies, and manage assets and money. Then, at last, you will be eligible to carry out your business transactions.

I hope towards the end, you have an idea regarding the steps to be initiated when opening an offshore bank account in a tax-haven jurisdiction.  It is advised to enlist the aid of professionals to complete the procedure efficiently and neatly. Business professionals have extensive knowledge in this area and can help you accordingly.

Our Role

Our business consultants at Business Setup Worldwide are well-versed in how to open an offshore bank account in Singapore and can help you by providing specialized solutions. You can contact us if you need any assistance related to business queries.


How long does it take to open an offshore bank account?

Opening an offshore bank account takes around 15-21 working days.

What is the procedure for company incorporation in Singapore?

The procedures for company incorporation in Singapore are,
Getting an expert guidance
Choosing a location
Finding a trading name
Fill out the form
Submit the relevant documents
Receive a company kit

What is the cost of company registration in Singapore?

The cost for company incorporation in Singapore is around 2,480 USD

How many company secretaries are required to incorporate a business in Singapore?

At least one company secretary is required for company formation in Singapore.