Offshore Company Formation in Seychelles

Seychelles is well-known among many business owners and investors because of its various benefits. With fast company incorporation procedures and attractive incentives, Seychelles is considered to be an ideal start-up place for foreign businesses. 

However, in this write-up, let's discuss the simpler steps for Seychelles company formation and the benefits of doing business in Seychelles.

Seychelles International Business Company: All You Need to Know

The most common structure found in Seychelles is an International Business Company (IBC). The Seychelles IBC is most popular due to its flexibility and fast incorporation.

The Seychelles International Business Company is the smallest legal entity permitted in Seychelles, with no share capital. Under the International Enterprise Company Act, any individual or business can establish a Seychelles offshore company.

Importance of Choosing Offshore Company Formation in Seychelles

Business owners and investors can enjoy various benefits while setting up a company in Seychelles. Following are the few benefits given for your better understanding

  • Flexible taxation
  • Confidentiality over the business details
  • Fast incorporation
  • Political stability and supportive government
  • Remote banking assistance

Growing Business Opportunities in Seychelles

Seychelles not only favors the investors but also gives equal importance to the entrepreneurs and the business owners. Here are a few sectors one can see the growth of business opportunities in Seychelles.

  • Oil and Gas
  • Fisheries
  • Manufacturing
  • Banking and financial services
  • Hotel, restaurant business
  • Tourism, travel agency
  • Import and export

Requirements to Set up a Seychelles IBC

When deciding on Seychelles company incorporation, there are certain requirements one should be aware of:

  • Requirement of at least one shareholder/director
  • Accounting not required
  • Not required to appoint a company secretary
  • Not required to file accounts
  • Not required to appoint an auditor
  • Exempt from corporate tax

Step-by-Step Guide for Seychelles Company Registration

Seychelles offshore company formation can be done by following the basic steps. 

Starting an offshore company in Seychelles requires thorough market research. By conducting in-depth research, you can incorporate your offshore company without any worries.

After conducting thorough research, choose a qualified business expert who is well-experienced in the business field. Seeking assistance from a business expert will help you in knowing about the business ideas. In addition to that, explore the core essentials required to hire an offshore business consultant.

Once you are done choosing an experienced business expert, you have to focus on selecting the right business structure.

After choosing the company structure, select a business name for your company. While finding the name, you can get the guidance of Business Setup Worldwide.

After finding a suitable name, fill out an application form to proceed with the further steps.

Once you complete the application form, submit the documents required for Seychelles offshore company registration. 

  • Certified Passport Copy
  • Certified proof of address (issued within three months from today)

After submitting the documents, wait for approval from the respective authority. The business expert will guide you with adequate information and let you know how long it takes to get approval. 

Once you pay the essential amount, you can proceed with the further steps. To know about the Seychelles company formation cost, get in touch with an offshore business consultant. After that, you can focus on opening an offshore bank account. While opening a bank account, a certain documentation process is required. 

Why Choose the Assistance of BSW?

From offshore incorporation to bank account assistance, business individuals need the support of a business setup consultancy. A consulting firm like BSW will assist the clients by providing adequate business information. If you want to enjoy our unlimited business services, kindly reach out to us.  


Who is Seychelles International Business Authority?

The International Business Authority of Seychelles (SIBA) is a one-stop shop for licensing and regulating offshore enterprises. In addition, it administers International Trade Zone operations in Seychelles and is the Registry of International Business Companies and International Trusts.

What is an IBC in Seychelles?

Seychelles IBC is the most popular type of Seychelles offshore company due to its flexibility, fast incorporation, low government fees, and excellent legal framework.

What is the most significant benefit of incorporating in Seychelles?

The most significant benefit of incorporating in Seychelles is the lack of taxation.

Can foreigners start a business in Seychelles?

Yes, the Seychelles government allows foreign investors to register their companies in the country.

Is Seychelles still a tax haven?

Yes, Seychelles is still a tax haven.