How to start Offshore E-Commerce Business in JAFZA?

The UAE has an energetic e-commerce business market estimated to arrive at USD 27.1 bn by 2022, per a new report in Gulf Today. Regarding size, the UAE's e-commerce business market positions 33 globally.

This has significant implications for e-commerce in a developing city like Dubai. For instance, the MEASA region's e-commerce industry is now expanding annually at a pace of 18.4%, more significant than the projected global rate of 16.6% from 2019 to 2021. This draws business people and investors who regard Dubai as having enormous potential as a primary e-commerce market.

The development of e-commerce business platforms like Namshi, Noon, and Amazon, Careem Cab depicts the expanding significance of e-commerce business firms and the ascent of competition in the market. If you are hoping to start your offshore company formation in Jafza, this guide is for you.

E-commerce Industry in JAFZA

AED 7 billion in trade is now transacted in JAFZA's extensive e-commerce ecosystem, with over 1,700 clients. In addition, 300 to 1,000 sqm of ready-to-occupy flats will allow businesses the freedom to operate efficiently.

Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA), the first and most enormous free zone ecosystem for logistics and trade, has become a destination for e-commerce fulfillment and sales in the MENA area, accelerating the UAE's quickly developing e-commerce ecosystem. At Seamless Middle East 2021, JAFZA exhibits its outstanding achievement in the area.

JAFZA presented its e-commerce fulfillment offering as part of the event emphasizing prospects in e-commerce, retail, and fintech solutions. It also explored how changes to regulation and consumer demand generate new chances for established and new regional businesses.

On the other hand, JAFZA's robust infrastructure makes it the perfect place for retail and e-commerce enterprises to prove themselves and run their operations offshore. If you are eager to set JAFZA offshore company, learn more about a guide to start an offshore company in JAFZA.

Because of this, business growth in JAFZA has been propelled by the development of the e-commerce and supplementary sectors. This trend is still going strong despite current and upcoming obstacles.

E-commerce JAFZA Offshore Company Formation Process

Only a certificate of formation, not a business permit, is given to an offshore JAFZA firm. This implies that the offshore corporation cannot engage in business dealings with individuals in the United Arab Emirates.

You should, of course, be conversant with the procedures for establishing an offshore jurisdiction if you have already made up your mind. After a few simple procedures, JAFZA may be used to register an offshore firm in Dubai. Learn more about Dubai JAFZA offshore company formation

1. Chose a Registered Agent

Selecting a registered agent is the first step in forming an offshore company in JAFZA. Then, consult with the JAFZA staff to learn about a registered agent's duties and obligations.

2. Finalize the Trade Name

You should submit three trade names to the governing authority. The existing business name will not be considered again, so it is safe to avoid any delays. 

3. Open a Corporate Bank Account

You can open a corporate bank account in the currency of your choice, either in a UAE bank or a bank overseas.

4. Register your MOA

A memorandum of association and articles of association must be submitted. These must include information about the business, such as the shareholders and management group, and the laws and regulations.

5. Submit the Required Documents

An offshore firm gives a certificate of incorporation rather than a license. So, together with the required paperwork, an application for incorporation should be submitted.

Our Role

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1. What is the growth rate of e-commerce market in MEASA region?

The region is growing at an annual rate of 18.4%.

2. Do I need a business license for JAFZA offshore?

No, only a certificate of incorporation.

3. Is any registered agent required for JAFZA e-commerce company formation?


4. What is considered as the greatest asset for offshore e-commerce business?

An outstanding website
A warehouse