Intellectual Property Services in BVI

The concept of intellectual property protection deals with the safeguarding of the human-mind creations. Any brand or business unit does have a logo, a trademark or even process designs that makes it unique from the other competitors available in the market. Be it a small or a medium-sized company, or even an MNC, the creations are to be protected so that other competitor can’t alter them.

Offshoring the business units is one of the significant moves that has been exponentially growing globally. One of the core drivers that provokes the business owners to invest in the same is tax exemption. Another massive parameter that the business investors use the offshore jurisdictions is to safeguard the business assets.

Intellectual Property Services in the BVI

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is one of the reputed offshore destinations widely preferred as it provides a suitable business environment. The growth of modern technology has widened the business owners' scope to increase international operations at ease.

To process starts with incorporating a business unit, which would preferably be an International Business Company (IBC). It is one of the most common business structure that gets selected by global business owners.

Businesses Who Use Intellectual Property Services

Few of the business industries which use intellectual property services involves the following:

  • Software companies
  • Other information technology companies
  • Music, book publications
  • Franchise operating systems
  • Manufacturers or retailers

How Does it Work?

The complete process involves incorporating an offshore business unit that is a strategic move to safeguard the standard legal tax. The established business entity is used to divert the income from the trading companies in the developed nations. During the process, the transfer of ownership takes place to the business unit.

How to Avail Intellectual Property Services in the BVI?

To safeguard your intellectual properties by going offshore, you need to take the following steps:

1.Join Business Experts

The first and foremost move is to join hands with professional experts who can help you to deal with the process at ease. Going offshore is not an easy task, as you may not be aware of the legal proceedings, and thus, going ahead with an expert makes the process easy.

2.Understand the Complete Proceedings

Once you have a guide by your side, you are expected to get a clear idea regarding the process by getting involved in discussions. This will help you to get clarity on the steps to be followed and also streamline the process at ease.

Apart from the process, it is also essential to have an idea of the selected jurisdiction. When it comes to the BVI, the offshore ground allows the business investors to proceed with the incorporation process of different company types. Here’s a guide on BVI company types that will help you get a better understanding of the type of business structure to be selected.

3.Handover the Documents

The next move is to submit the documents to submit the required documents to the business owners who will help you get the required business approvals from the relevant authorities. As the process would involve incorporating a new business unit, and the following documents are to be handed over:

  • A duly filled application form
  • Identity proof of the shareholders and directors
  • Address proof of the shareholders and directors
  • Passport-sized photos of the business shareholders and directors
  • Well-drafted business plan
  • Memorandum of association
  • Articles of association
  • Required incorporation fee

4.Establish the Business Unit

After the inspection of the business document, the government authorities will provide the required approvals. In case if the approvals are not provided, you need to cross-check with your business advisor and rectify the errors.

5.Transfer the Assets

After receiving the certificate of incorporation, you need to transfer the assets to the business unit. This would help you to safeguard your business creations at ease.

6.Avail Nominee Services

The next move is to proceed with the nominee services, which is a must as it deals with the offshore business transactions. Proceeding ahead with the nominee director services helps you to maintain the confidentiality of the business owners.

What are the Benefits of IP Offshore Company?

By offshoring the intellectual property for your business, you can grab the following benefits at ease.

  • Streamline the internal process for group-licensing
  • The cross-jurisdictional tax becomes easy
  • Assets can be valued at an international price
  • Drastically reduce the tax

Another significant benefit that you can grab while proceeding with the same is that if your parent business company ever gets sued, and the assets are already transferred to a second company, the creations can’t be lost.

Proceeding with the offshore business incorporation to safeguard the business assets is one of the profitable and strategic moves, you can proceed ahead with. Most business owners prefer to go ahead with the expert’s opinion as it saves time, and the process gets implemented at ease.

Business Setup Worldwide| Your Offshore Guide

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