Offshore Intellectual Property Services in JAFZA

Intellectual property can be considered an essential asset for any company that needs to be protected. The process in which these intellectual properties are protected is called intellectual property services. According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), any inventions or artistic works come under intellectual property. 

Companies opened in JAFZA (Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority), Dubai, have their intellectual properties in the form of their trademark, logos, patents, etc. There are various consulting firms where that provide IP services in JAFZA. If you are the owner or investor of any JAFZA company, you must protect intellectual property for your company. This guide will provide you with the details of protecting JAFZA intellectual property. 

What is IP Services in JAFZA?

JAFZA, one of Dubai's most popular and growing free zones, has thousands of companies operating there. The companies have their own intellectual properties in the form of copyrights, patents, designs, trademarks, and other IP rights, which must be protected. Now the question is, why protect your intellectual property? The answer is very simple. All these intangible products need protection from any kind of forgery that is authentic to the owner's inventions or creations. If any JAFZA intellectual property gets proper protection, it becomes a valuable commercial asset for the company. Therefore JAZFA provides intellectual property protection services to its customers.

The Benefits of Offshore IP Services JAFZA

There are several reasons to protect intellectual property services in JAFZA. Since the jurisdiction is in Dubai, therefore the laws governing the emirate will be applied in the free zone. 

The intellectual property registration provides protection for JAFZA offshore company formation. Any infringement or unauthorized usage of the company's intellectual property will be protected if it is registered properly. 

Intellectual property registration enhances the confidentiality of a company in JAFZA during the registration time from other competitors. 

The intellectual property registration in JAFZA is cost-effective compared to other jurisdictions in Dubai.

Legalities for Intellectual Property Protection in JAFZA

Dubai has extensive laws and regulations for intellectual property protection for local and foreign companies. Federal Law on Trademarks and the Federal Law on the Protection of Intellectual Works and Copyright are the governing laws to protect the JAFZA intellectual property.

Dubai also established Commercial Protection Division for any infringement against any commercial intellectual properties. Additionally, an Intellectual Property Protection Division is also there in Dubai to handle all the special commercial intellectual property in JAFZA.

The Commercial Protection Division is the governing body for handling all commercial fraud, and one can go to this governing body to take any legal action against someone. 

Trademark and Copyright Protection in JAFZA

Trademarks are commercial identities that need to be protected from unauthorized usage. The validity of trademark registration in JAFZA is ten years, the same as in Dubai, and it can be renewed afterward. Acquiring any third-party trademark is a punishable offense in JAFZA.

A copyright is any written original document or product of artistic expression such as books, music, artwork, and articles. The Ministry of Information and Culture is the governing body for copyright protection. If it is for any artistic purpose, the copyright validity is 50 years after his or her death. 

Patents in JAFZA

The patent protection aspect comes under the UAE intellectual property legislation, which was amended in 2006. Patent is considered an important section of the economy for research and development purposes. Patents are used in industrial usage, such as medical technology, mathematics, or biology. There are numerous regulations to meet the requirements of such IP. 

The Process of Obtaining Intellectual Property Rights in JAFZA

Intellectual property can be protected by the local authorities in Dubai. However, the whole process is mentioned below:

In the first step, fill out the application form for intellectual property registration. Different segments include trademarks, copyright, patents, and many more.

One has to represent the graphical orientation in order to register a trademark or any industrial designs in JAFZA.

Fill out all the information about applicants and pay the fees accordingly. 

How Can We Help?

Safeguarding your intellectual properties for JAFZA companies should be at the topmost priority. At Business Setup Worldwide, we can assist you with the intellectual property services for JAFZA company. Business professionals can guide you through protecting your IP rights. Contact us for more information.


What are offshore intellectual property services?

Offshore intellectual property services refer to managing and protecting intellectual property (IP) assets outside the country where they were created or owned. These services are typically offered in offshore financial centers or free zones, such as JAFZA.

What types of intellectual property can be protected offshore in JAFZA?

JAFZA protects various intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and industrial designs.

What are the benefits of using offshore intellectual property services in JAFZA?

Some benefits of using offshore intellectual property services in JAFZA include tax optimization, cost savings, simplified administration, enhanced confidentiality, and greater flexibility in managing and enforcing intellectual property rights.

How can I register my intellectual property in JAFZA?

You can register your intellectual property in JAFZA through the JAFZA Intellectual Property Office (JIPO). JIPO provides various services related to registering, maintaining, and enforcing intellectual property rights in JAFZA.