Offshore Intellectual Property Services in JAFZA

Every single person is an owner of an object, it might be a car, a bike, a building, and they always wish to safeguard these. They use practices like locking the vehicle, GPS trackers, assigning security to the house, and other methods.

When it comes to objects that can not be seen like ideas, inventions, music works, how do we secure these intangible objects? This is where the concept of Intellectual Property kicks in.

Jafza, a favourable offshore business location, has been widely accepted by business investors for setting up their offshore units. Right from tax benefits to entering the forex market, the location has a bundle of advantages. Simultaneously, it provides the essentials to secure business creations by setting up an offshore entity.

If you are looking forward to securing your business creations, then you can count on to proceed with Jafza offshore company incorporation. This guide would help you to comprehend the core essentials required to be followed.

Intellectual Property

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) explains Intellectual Property as "creations of the mind such as artistic works and inventions; symbols and designs, images and names used in commerce. Examples of Intellectual Property would be inventions, logos, music works, books, designs. According to WIPO, the intellectual properties could be categorized as:

  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Trade Secrets
  • Copyrights

With regards to using IP in the offshore sector, a business owner is required to continue with the incorporation process of an offshore business element to secure the concerned IP. As a rule, a holding company gets established, whose vital mission is to hold the shares in other business units.

How to Setup an IP Holding Company in JAFZA?

The procedure of incorporating a holding company in Jafza involves the following steps:

1.Get a Clear Understanding of the Tax Haven Jurisdiction

The very first move is to get a clear insight into the chosen tax-haven jurisdiction. Since you are focusing on Jafza here, make sure to get a clear idea of the offshore company incorporation procedure in Jafza.

2.Incorporate an IBC

In the next move, you must incorporate an International Business Company (IBC), one of the most chosen business structures. To continue ahead, you need to submit the required set of documents to your business advisor, who, in turn, would help you take the permissions from the concerned government authorities at ease.

Our guide on How to Start an Offshore Company in JAFZA would help you learn about the procedure in-depth and answer all your related questions on the setup process.

3.Evaluate the Company's IP Portfolio

Before you transfer, ensure that you have a clear idea about the intellectual properties that your business entity holds. Certain particulars are to be cautiously looked into, such as:

Is everything registered?

Is any trademark or patent application pending?

4.Assign the Ownership

After the company's incorporation, you need to transfer the ownership to the established business element. The legal formalities have to be cleared out in consultation with the expert's advice, and thus, can be completed in a hassle-free way. The legal transfer proves that the business entity is legally holding the IP creations. The license arrangement also involves the controls over third-party frames to prevent forfeiture or "naked licensing".

5.IP Licensing

Based on the various intellectual properties of the business company, the company has the flexibility to direct IP licenses towards a third-party to sub-license for any specific region. This is the final step in the procedure that is required to be completed in an error-free way.

Why Move IP Assets Offshore?

Particular reasons that motivate the business investors to transfer their business creations to offshore destinations include the following:

  • IP asset protection
  • Mitigating tax liability
  • High-end confidentiality
  • Cost-benefits analysis

Whether you're a startup investor or an MNC, safeguarding your intellectual properties is a must, which can be done through an offshore account. Accordingly, this turns out to be the most comfortable and the safest alternative. An intellectual property embeds a commercialized value that can be monetized at any time (particularly in an emergency).

At Business Setup Worldwide, we serve our respected clients to register a holding company and secure their assets appropriately. Our experienced business professionals are well-versed with the offshore company setup procedure and can assist you in safeguarding your business assets with ease. If you are searching for securing your business, feel free to have a word with our professionals. Contact us today-we'd be happy to assist!