Offshore Intellectual Property Services in Seychelles

Seychelles is a jurisdiction well-known by investors and business owners for its intellectual property and offshore company formation. The conducive business environment along with regulations to safeguard the company’s intellectual property make it one of the best places to set up an offshore business.

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property refers to intangible objects which are the creations of the human mind, such as artistic works, designs, symbols, and images. When used in the business, an IP can become the face of a brand and can increase its recognizability.

Advantages of Using IP for Seychelles Offshore Company Formation

One can enjoy the following benefits by using IP for your offshore company setup.

  • Flexible Taxation: There are no taxes levied on income or capital gains of companies registered as International Business Companies (IBCs) making Seychelles an attractive jurisdiction for holding intellectual property rights.
  • Asset Protection: Offshore companies in Seychelles benefit from the asset protection laws. The assets held with the offshore jurisdiction are shielded from other legal laws, providing peace of mind to the IP owners.
  • Confidentiality and Privacy: Another major advantage of choosing Seychelles is the strict confidentiality and privacy protections for offshore companies. Shareholders' and directors' information is not publicly disclosed, ensuring a high level of anonymity for intellectual property owners.
  • Quick Company Registration Process:  Establishing an offshore company in Seychelles is straightforward. It typically involves minimal formalities to be performed.
  • Global Recognition: IP registered through Seychelles is internationally recognized and protected under legal agreements. This provides great assurance for IP owners regarding their rights.

Methods of Using Offshore IP in Seychelles

Follow the basic steps to protect your IP by incorporating the offshore company setup.

  1. Conduct In-Depth Research 

The essential step for safeguarding IP for your offshore company formation is thoroughly conducting in-depth research. As you focus mainly on Seychelles, consider the different services provided to business people in the jurisdiction.

  1. Form your Seychelles IBC

You can open an International Business Company (IBC) in Seychelles. After doing so, you must proceed with the documentation process with the assistance of a business setup consultant.

  1. Be Clear Regarding the Company's IP Portfolio

After opting for Seychelles offshore company incorporation, you can proceed with intellectual property services by ensuring you have gathered adequate information about it.

  1. Assign the Ownership

Once you have formed the company, transfer ownership to the respective business entity. An offshore business consultant can assist you with all the legal formalities.

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What are the primary laws governing intellectual property in Seychelles?

 The primary laws governing intellectual property in Seychelles are

  • Patents Act
  • Trademark Decree 
  • Copyright Act

Why do people choose Seychelles for business?

People chose Seychelles for business because of the stable political environment and a relatively low tax regime.

What are the documents required for Seychelles offshore company formation?

The documents required for Seychelles offshore company formation are

  • Certified passport copy
  • Certified proof of address