BVI Shelf Company: Benefits & How to Buy in the BVI

It is a well-known fact that the incorporation process of a business entity involves proper planning, selection of definite business structure, and numerous other tasks that include in-depth documentation. In general, finalizing an offshore jurisdiction and proceeding ahead with the clearance part turns out to be a lengthy process, which may not be feasible if one is looking for company incorporation on an immediate basis.

The global offshore business jurisdictions have brought a complete feasible solution to this, leading to the incorporation of a shelf company. Can be termed as a ready-made business entity, an offshore shelf company is a go-to option if you are looking forward to setting up your business right away and commence the activities.

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is one of the respected offshore business jurisdictions that provides a tax-free environment to come forward and proceed ahead towards offshore company establishment process in the BVI.

Shelf Company in the BVI

A shelf company can be termed as an existing business unit registered in the books of the registry but hasn’t performed any business operations. With the growing technological world, the company setup procedures in the popular offshore jurisdictions can be carried out with one click.

Since these business units are already registered, it becomes much easier for the business owners to proceed with the payment process and buy the business unit.

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is one of the reputed business destinations that provide a feasible and easy way to set up an offshore business in the location.

Setting up an offshore business in BVI helps a business investor to earn numerous benefits. To know more about it, have a look at the Top 10 Benefits of Offshore Company Registration in the BVI.

Benefits of Buying a Shelf Company in the BVI

Since you have got a gist about what a shelf or a ready-made company is all about, let’s glance at the benefits that you will be deriving by proceeding ahead with it.

  1. You don’t need to undergo the company incorporation process
  2. The process can be carried out at a faster pace
  3. Buying a company with an older date helps you to gain market trust
  4. Since it’s an existing business unit, it becomes easier to develop banking relationships

How to Buy an Offshore Shelf Company in the British Virgin Islands?

When it comes to buying a ready-made company in the BVI, it doesn’t mean that the documents will be shipped immediately. There is a specific set of procedures that needs to be followed. If you are planning to buy an offshore shelf company and carry on the business process, then you have to go through the following process.

1.Consult an Expert

As you proceed ahead to commence your business activities in an offshore jurisdiction, it is recommended to conduct the same under the guidance of certified experts who holds a complete knowledge on the same. When it comes to buying a shelf company in the BVI, one has to clear the papers first. The legal processes need to be handled carefully as an error-free process will lead you to complete the goal.

2.Select the Respective Business Unit

Now, once you join hands with your business experts, you need to go through the available list of the business units available to select the one that meets your business requirements. Experts deal with the offshore company incorporation process day in-and-out. They will be in a better position to guide you regarding the shelf companies available in the market.

Pricing is the next factor that comes into consideration when it comes to buying a shelf company. It becomes an added advantage for the business investors to deal with certified business experts because they can negotiate and get it for you at the best price.

3.Deal with the Offshore Bank Account

An offshore bank account is something that you can’t avoid while incorporating an offshore business unit. Opening an offshore business helps a business investor carry out the transactions at an international level and become a global market player.

After you purchase an offshore shelf business, you need to open an offshore bank account in any popular offshore destinations reputed banks.

The investors hold the flexibility to open a bank account in the same offshore ground, or can proceed with any other offshore location.

4.Get the Papers Updated

In the next move, you have to make sure to get the shelf company's documents updated. Your business advisor can assist you in the process to make it more hassle-free.

5.Commence Business Activities

Once the paper-work gets completed, you can smoothly commence the business activities.

Now you must have got an idea regarding the moves to be initiated to buy a shelf company. To proceed ahead, it is recommended to take the guidance of certified business experts who can assist you.

At Business Setup Worldwide, we take care of the business moves that need to be followed when it comes to company formation. From incorporating a new offshore unit to buying a shelf company, opening an offshore bank account process, our business experts can guide you at every step.

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