Seychelles Shelf Company

A shelf company is an existing company that is not involved in any business activity, transactions, agreements, or legal commitments. Offshore shelf companies in Seychelles have an open structure, distribute shares, and create internal Registers and Resolutions. 

A Glance at Seychelles Shelf Company 

A shelf company is also known as a ready-made company.  Seychelles ready-made company is meant for investors or people planning to start their business activities instantly.

Some of the features of a shelf company in Seychelles are mentioned below:

  • They can be customized as per the business requirements
  • Shelf companies can perform business exercises as soon as the investors or entrepreneurs buy it.
  • Shelf companies are registered in the Company Registry and hold the Certificate of Incorporation.
  • The ‘approved’ company names are accepted by the Registers, but they are yet to be entered under the Register of Companies.  

Importance of Using a Seychelles Offshore Shelf Company

Nowadays, buying a shelf company through Seychelles company registration seems to be common among business investors because of the following advantages:

  • Quick assistance
  • Easy and faster process
  • Vast banking opportunities
  • Build a sense of confidence
  • Immediate focus on business process
  • Convenience in choosing the right company

Step-by-Step Guide to Buy a Shelf Company in Seychelles

Buying a Seychelles shelf company is straightforward with the assistance of business experts. However, the procedure includes the following basic steps:

  1. Get Assistance from an Offshore Business Consultant

When buying a ready-made company in Seychelles, you should always use expert assistance. Getting the support of a business advisor from Business Setup Worldwide will let you clear your queries regarding the Seychelles shelf company. In addition to that, it will support you in every way regarding the offshore Seychelles company formations.

  1. Choose a Company

Seychelles has plenty of shelf companies to choose from. Select one company which aligns with the business requirements. Registered agents can help here who have a list of all the companies available for purchase. Checking the name of the company is also essential to suit the business.

  1. Re-register the Company

Once the company is finalized, the re-registration process in the Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA) is mandatory. The next step is to submit the necessary documents, including the memorandum and articles of association, to the authority. The registered agent will handle the paperwork.

  1. Change the Management Structure

 The next step includes allocating management, such as directors and officers, to the company. Defining the management roles and responsibilities is an important aspect of this step.

  1. Shares Allocation

The share allocation among the shareholders is included in this step. The allocation can be determined by the number of shares one shareholder owns. The shareholders can be an individual or entity. 

  1. Prepare the Internal Regulations

The last step includes drafting the internal regulations of the company. This regulation must outline the process of business conduction, rules and legalities, annual meetings and distributing dividends. 

BSW has encouraged business investors to set up their companies on various grounds. Since our commencement, we have provided hassle-free tailored solutions for Seychelles company setup. 

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What are the reasons for considering shelf companies in Seychelles?

The reasons for considering shelf companies in Seychelles are,

  • This could be required in some business conditions to allow for a somewhat earlier registration date.
  • A remarkably rapid turnaround is essential to save some time.
  • To help with the occasionally difficult work of creating a new company name.

What is a "Vintage Company" in Seychelles?

Due to the previously accumulated yearly maintenance costs, the buyer would be responsible for "vintage" firms, which will be significantly more expensive than new incorporations.

How long does it take to register an approved company name in Seychelles?

It takes a day to register an approved company name in Seychelles.

Is it mandatory to appoint a new director for a shelf company in Seychelles?

Yes, appointing a new director for a shelf company in Seychelles is mandatory.