How to Open a Shelf Company in Florida?

The tax havens located across the world has left its footprints in the eyes of the business investors. The United States, being the superpower, has also widened its perspective of allowing the business investors to come forward and indulge themselves into the offshore investment activities. Florida is one of the emerging business grounds in the state that has become an active ground for offshore business investments.

When it comes to the incorporation of an offshore business entity, the business owners have got the flexibility to open a new business entity, or to purchase an existing one (called as a shelf company), which turns out to be an ideal choice if one is looking for immediate business operations. This guide will help business investors to get a clear picture of incorporating a shelf company in Florida.

The Concept of Shelf Company

It is a well-known fact that dealing with the legal proceedings to set an offshore business in a tax-haven jurisdiction can take a minimum count of ten days, which might even extend to a month.  Apart from considering the time frame, a new offshore business entity needs more clarity on the documentation part that needs to be sorted. Starting an offshore business in Florida is a profitable move that most of the business investors seek forward, to gain more returns on the investments made.

The shelf company concept has taken birth to solve newbie investors' issues in the market. Time stands as a significant factor, and thus, incorporation of a shelf company clears out the proceedings in an easy way. In short, a shelf company can be called as an established business entity that has been already registered but hasn’t performed any business operations.

How to Open a Shelf Company In Florida?

The offshore company set up in Florida turns out to be an easy process if carried out with business experts' help. Shelf companies can perform business activities as soon as the entrepreneur or investors acquires the same. However, the process of buying a shelf company in Florida involves the following steps:

1.Get in touch with a Business Consultant

As it deals with an existing business entity, it would be much more preferable if you can proceed ahead with the guidance of certifies business experts. A business consultant can help you to deal with the process in a much easier way as compared to an investor who proceeds single-handedly.

2.Understand the Jurisdiction and the Process

The next move is to understand the complete proceedings and the laws applied in the selected offshore business jurisdiction. Having a clear idea with your business expert will help you get a clear view of the same. Apart from the jurisdiction, make sure to understand the process of buying a shelf company in detail.

3.Check the selected business name

Since a shelf company already is registered and holds an approved trade name, you need to cross-check whether the business name is in use or not. If the selected business entity is in use, then you might have to alter the trade name slightly to get it registered. If the original name is used, an alternative name could be the feasible option.

4.Complete the proceedings

After finalizing the respective trade name of your offshore shelf business entity, you need to submit a duly filled form along with the respective set of documents. In general, the procedure demands a business investor to submit the following essentials:

  • A duly filled offshore company incorporation form
  • Identity proof of the shareholders and directors
  • Address proof of the shareholders and directors
  • An alternative name form (in case if the original name has been taken)
  • Passport size photos of the business investors and shareholders

The necessary set of documents needs to be submitted accordingly to the business expert, who in turn, will help you to get the approvals from the respective authorities in the state.

5.Check the offshore bank account process

As you buy the offshore shelf entity, you also need to check regarding the offshore bank account process that is a must for offshore business operations. Opening an offshore bank account helps an investor to deal with foreign transactions at ease, and thus, one can gain numerous benefits from the same. To know more, have a look at the Advantages of offshore banking, that will help you get in-depth details.

6.Commence business activities

Lastly, once the bank account and the buying process gets completed, you can proceed ahead with the business activities.

Buying an offshore shelf company can be a smart option if you don’t want to go through a lengthy process, and saves time accordingly. At the same time, it assists you with the following benefits:

  • Instant availability
  • Business activities can be commenced in a shorter duration
  • Operate a business entity with a filing history
  • Feasible to grab more loans and credits from the financial institutions

As you have seen the relevant proceedings, and that buying a shelf company can give you a bundle of benefits, it is essential to note that the proceedings are to be made in an error-free way, which can be done by joining hands with certified business experts.

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