Free Zones in Oman

Al Mazunah Free Trade Zone

Located in the Dhofar region in the south-west of Oman, Al Mazunah Free Trade Zone, one amongst the 4 free

Duqm Special Economic Zone

The Duqm Special Economic Zone was established by the SEZ Authority of Duqm (SEZAD), a government agency,

Salalah Free Trade Zone

Situated adjacent to the Salalah Port and one of the most important industrial hubs in Dhofar,

Sea Ports of Oman

Business-friendly environment, modern business law framework, respect for free markets, contract sanctity,

Sohar Free Trade Zone

There are 4 operational free zones in Oman, one of them being Sohar free trade zone.

Oman has always been known to be a majestic land with natural grandeur. It has beautiful ancient cities and buildings, like the capital city of Muscat, Rustaq, and Nizwa, and another cluster of buildings that make Oman famous worldwide. Moreover, Oman is strategically located in the Arabian Sea between the powerful economies of the region and the world.

It provides a gateway to the major international markets through sea, land, and air routes. This makes it an ideal jurisdiction for establishing Free Zones in a non-conflicting free economic environment.

The government's policy of encouraging regional and international trade, as well as investment in its ports and substantial investment opportunities, are some key factors that attract businesses here.

Importance of Choosing Free Trade Zones in Oman

Free zones in Oman have played a major role in the country's booming entrepreneurial sector and business-friendly environment. Oman is home to one of the Gulf region's newest free trade zones and offers businesses access to the various incentives the Omani government provides and a better investment climate.

Working through Freezone Oman is one of the best options for businesses looking to expand into overseas markets. In such a scenario, it would be highly beneficial for companies looking forward to starting their business in the region hassle-free.

Benefits of Doing Business in Oman's Free Trade Zone

Doing business with a free trade zone provides support and services, lowers costs, and makes you more competitive globally. Furthermore, many benefits come with establishing a business in Oman's free trade zone. These benefits can help you flourish your business for years to come.

  • Investors get 100% ownership
  • No minimum share capital requirement
  • No corporate tax for ten years
  • Minimum five years of lease
  • Different free zones in Oman

Along with the benefits, have in-depth knowledge about the fifteen business opportunities in Oman.

A Glance at the Free Zones in Oman

One of the best ways to experience Oman is through its free zones. Numerous free zones in Oman are classified according to their use. Moreover, each zone conforms to international laws and standards, which makes the chance of investment success very high. Some of the free zones in Oman are listed below.

  • Al Mazunah Free Zone
  • Salalah Free Zone
  • Sohar Free Zone
  • Duqm SEZ

Businesspeople from neighboring Arab nations and overseas traders can import, export, re-export, and engage in international commercial endeavors governed by specific laws and regulations without tax, tariffs, customs taxes, or quotas to free trade zones in Oman.

The jurisdiction is now a central trading hub for the Middle East, Asia, and Africa because of the existence of Oman Free Trade Zones.

Procedure to Start an Oman Free Zone Company

Select the Business Activity

The first and foremost step to start a business in Oman free zones is selecting the business activity. However, before choosing the business activity, thoroughly research the most performing business activity and the competitors.

Choose the Location and Legal Structure

After choosing the business activity, choose the preferred location and the legal structure.

Obtain a License

Once you are done with selecting the location, the next step you have to undergo is applying for a license.

Open a Bank Account                                                                                                                                                       

After finishing the above steps, the final step is to open a corporate bank account. Opening a business account is slightly complicated. To avoid such confusion, if you are seeking the help of a business consultant, it would be done in a hassle freeway. Additionally, have a glance at the eight reasons to start a business in Oman.

Documents Required for Oman Free Zone Business Setup

Setting up a business in Oman requires a lot of documentation. There are many business entities available in Oman. Each business entity requires documents that must be filed with the respective authority. The following documents are required for setting up a business in the Sultanate of Oman.

  • Name of the investors, along with their country of origin
  • Total electricity and water requirement
  • Contact details of the investor
  • Projected cargo volume
  • Business Plan along with Capital Investment

Henceforth, Free Zones, a central part of the country's economic liberalization efforts, attract businesses worldwide. Starting a business in Oman can be much less expensive than in Dubai or other neighboring Gulf states because of these free zones. And foreign investors who have established their free zone companies will be subject to no taxation or customs duties on materials, items, or components they import into Oman.

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What are the different types of business activities in Oman?

The different types of business activities in Oman are as follows
Oil and Gas Industry
Transportation and Logistic Services
Digital Services Industry
Mining and Minerals Industry

How many days does it take to open a corporate account in Oman?

It takes around 2-3 working days to open a bank account in Oman.

Can an ex-pat start a business in Oman?

Yes, an ex-pat can begin a business in Oman.