Visa Services in the Philippines

Visa is an official permission that allows an individual to enter a specific country. This permission is granted by the government officials of the country. Many countries require the citizens of other nationality to obtain a visa before they enter their country. Often, there are very specific instructions and procedures when applying for and obtaining a visa.

The visa policy of the Philippines is governed by the Commonwealth Act also known as the Philippine Immigration Act. In the Philippines, foreign nationals who wish to enter require a visa unless:

  • They are the citizens of the member state of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
  • They are the citizens of a non-ASEAN member state whose nationals are allowed to enter the Philippines without a visa
  • They are of Filipino origin but stay outside the Philippines and are only returning to the Philippines temporarily

Nationals of the countries who have diplomatic relations with the Philippine embassy are generally allowed to enter the country without securing a temporary visitors’ visa from the consulate if they stay in the country for not more than 30 days.

Types of Visas in the Philippines

There are various types of visas available to apply for a foreign national in the Philippines. These are the various Philippines visa types:

1. Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa includes a family trip or a business trip. It is a non-immigrant visa issued to foreign nationals who come to the Philippines for a short period of time. Restricted foreign nationals are required to secure an entry visa before they can enter the Philippines. However, unrestricted foreign nationals can travel to the Philippines without an entry visa.

The Philippines tourist visa requirements are as follows:

  • A completely filled application form
  • An original as well as a photocopy of your passport with a validity that must extend to 6 months beyond the length of purposed stay
  • A passport size photograph not older than last 6 months with the applicant’s signature affixed on the front side of the photograph
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s round-trip flight itinerary to their country of origin or flight itinerary to their next country of destination
  • Proof of the financial capability (like latest print-out of credit card accounts, bank statement, ownership of any real-estate property, etc.)
  • If the applicant is not a restricted national under Philippine Visa Policy, then the applicant may choose instead to submit a duly signed application notarized by a local notary public along with the other requirements stated above

The Philippines visa fees are as follows:

Single Entry valid for 3 months

US$ 30.00

Multiple Entry valid for 6 months

US$ 60.00

Multiple Entry valid for 12 months

US$ 90.00


2. Work Visa

This is the most common visa type availed by the foreign nationals engaged in the employment in the Philippines. The working visa in the Philippines gives permission to the holder to make multiple entries and exit in and out of the country while working with the company registered or licensed to do business and existing under Philippine laws. The Philippines visa requirements for applying to a work visa are as follows:

  • A completely filled application form
  • 2 Recent Photographs (should not be old for more than 6 months)
  • Original and a photocopy of the passport
  • Appointment letter attached with the educational certificates
  • Covering letter in Company letterhead with seal and address and contact number (Details like travel dates in and out, passport number, designation, a brief company profile and other details about trip and expenses format attached)
  • Credit card copy or Foreign exchange
  • Income Tax papers of last 3 years
  • Updated Bank statement for the last 6 months with the applicant's name, a/c no. with bank seal & sign

3. Alien Employment Permit (AEP)

A citizen of a foreign country who intends to work in the Philippines is required to secure an Alien Employment Permit (AEP) from the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). This permit authorizes a foreign national to engage in gainful activities provided that no domestic manpower is available for the particular designation. Unlike the Work Visa, an AEP is for longer work assignments or contracts. An AEP is initially valid for one to five years depending on the duration of the contract and renewable for a maximum period of 5 years.

4. Quota Visa

Every year only 50 applicants are approved for other categories of aliens whose countries accept Filipinos as immigrants on a reciprocal basis. The list of applications will be submitted to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) after which a personal interview with the consular officer will be taken followed by the actual issuance of the immigrant visa. The Philippines immigration visa requirements are as follows:

  • Accomplished visa application (F.A. Form No. 3)
  • Original passport whose validity must extend at least six months beyond the length of purposed stay in the Philippines
  • One passport size photograph not older than last six months
  • Proof of financial capacity to travel may be required
  • If applying by mail, enclosed a self-addressed stamped padded envelope or a prepaid overnight mail envelope to ensure the return of the passport

The visa fee for an immigrant visa is US$150.00.

Apart from these, the government of the Philippines issues different types of visas like student visa, minor visa, PEZA endorsed visa, retirement visa, and resident visa.

Our Visa Services in the Philippines

We can assist you with all the processes, right from application to procurement and renewal, of the Philippines visa. In particular, we provide the following visa services in the Philippines:

  • Applying for all types of visa
  • Arranging for visa transfer and visa cancellation
  • Assisting in arranging and submitting the notarized documents to the government of the Philippines
  • Processing and visa renewal in the Philippines of business and employment visas

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