Intellectual Property Services in Qatar

Protecting intellectual property rights has become increasingly crucial as Qatar continues diversifying its economy and promoting innovation and creativity. With a robust legal framework and a range of intellectual property services available, Qatar is positioning itself as a leading destination for innovation and entrepreneurship in the region.

This article will explore the intellectual property services available in Qatar, including patent registration, trademark registration, copyright registration, and industrial design registration. Finally, we will discuss some important considerations for individuals and businesses looking to protect their intellectual property in Qatar and the resources available to help them.

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property (IP) refers to the intangible assets that act as the face of any organization. Creativity takes active participation when it comes to dealing with intellectual properties. These metaphysical properties could be symbols, logos, designs, literary works, etc., that are human-mind inceptions. They are used in the business front to distinguish themselves or stand out from the crowd or among competitors.

Why Does a Business Need Intellectual Property Services?

Intellectual assets possessed by any organization speak on their behalf. They come in the front end while dealing with the ultimate customers and enhancing the brand building. For example, a customer can identify the company by looking at the symbol or logo. This acknowledgment is essential for a company; to maintain this, the intangible assets must be protected so that competitors can't use or manipulate them. So,intellectual property services are to be availed to possess a legal right upon the company's creation.

Documents Required for Registration of Intellectual Property in Qatar

Each type of intellectual property requires different documents for its registration process. Let's see the essential documents as are necessary for each class.

Trademark in Qatar

The documents required forregistering a trademark in Qatar include:

  • Power of attorney legalized up to Qatar Consulate
  • An official document issued by the Chamber of Commerce, extract of the commercial register.

Patent in Qatar

The documents required for getting a patent in Qatar include:

  • Power of attorney legalized up to Qatar Consulate
  • Specification and abstract of the invention
  • One set of drawing related to the invention

Design Registration in Qatar

The documents required for design registration in Qatar include:

  • Name, Address, Nationality, Nature of Business
  • Title of design
  • Particulars of the home registration
  • Description of design

Copyright in Qatar

The documents required for Copyrights in Qatar include:

  • Name of author or authors
  • Subject of work
  • Copies of work (5)
  • Detailed specification of the work made
  • Declaration of ownership
  • Approval by the department of the Ministry of Information
  • Provisions of Publication Law

Domain Name in Qatar

The documents required for Getting a domain name in Qatar include:

  • An application form needs to be submitted
  • Letter requesting domain name registration
  • Signed Power of Attorney (original is required by mail)

Renewal of Trademark in Qatar

The documents required for renewal of trademark in Qatar include:

  • Power of attorney legalized up to Qatar Consulate
  • Name, address, activity, and nationality of the applicant
  • The trademark number

Fees for Intellectual Property Registration in Qatar

The fee for registering each intellectual property type is as follows:



Trademark Search (First class)


Trademark Search (Additional Class)


Trademark Application (First Class)


Trademark Application (Additional Class)


Domain Registration (.qa) for 1 year


Domain Registration ( for 1 year




Patent filing fee


Patent examination fee


Intellectual Property Rights Protection Department

The department of IP Rights in Qatar is responsible for various tasks. Some of them are

  • Tackling any IP infringement in case it occurs
  • Reviewing literary works, performances, recordings, etc.
  • Processing patent registrations and requests
  • Regulating the use of trademarks
  • Looking into the matters of international agreements and protection

Benefits of Availing Intellectual Property Rights

HoldingIntellectual property in UAE increases the value of a business. Intellectual property comes with benefits. Let's have a glance at some of them:

  • It protects the company's creations from competitors
  • A company legally possesses the right to its intangible assets
  • IP also increases the goodwill of the company
  • It becomes easier to acquire market share
  • IP helps in brand building
  • The creative thoughts can be monetized and used to enhance growth

Classification of Intellectual Property

Intellectual property in Qatar has been distinguished into various categories: Trademark, Patent, Design, Copyright, and Domain Name.

1. Trademark

A trademark is a recognizable design that identifies a product or service from others and is also known as a service mark.

2. Patent

A patent is an authority or license for a right provided for a limited duration and is mainly related to the invention of a new product or service.

3. Design

Logos, symbols, industrial designs, and integrated circuits design fall under the intellectual property design category.

4. Copyright

A copyright is used to protect artistic or literary works.

5. Domain Name

Under this intellectual property, the domain name of any company or business is protected. No two businesses can possess the same domain name in today’s online business world.

  • Domain Name Format

Any domain name that must be registered must be clear about the following:

  1. Special characters are not allowed as the first or last character
  2. The first character should be a letter
  3. It must not contain offensive, obscene words or phrases, contrary to Qatari Law

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Which department in Qatar is responsible for intellectual property rights?

The Intellectual Property Rights Protection Department.

What is a patent right?

These are legitimate rights attached to certain innovations.

What is the grace period for intellectual property renewal?

6 months.