Visa Services in Qatar

The intent of company formation in Qatar holds multiple processes in the pipeline that needs to be followed accordingly. One of such essential services in obtaining a visa that is a crucial document for any business investor to complete the business incorporation proceedings. Qatar is an emerging business ground that has been establishing itself as an eye-catching investment destination, paving out numerous ways for the investors to leverage profits.

This guide outlines the essentials regarding the visa services that one should be aware of before setting up a business in Qatar. Apart from the accounting services or company secretarial service, the visa process is something that needs to be looked into at the initial stage. If you are an investor or owner, planning to establish a business in Qatar, then it turns out to be vital for you to have a clear understanding regarding the visa proceedings.

What is a Visa?

A visa is an official stamp on a passport that is issued by the respective officials of a nation, that permits an individual to enter or leave a respective nation. As per the rules, the Visa sets a deadline for the visa holder regarding the stay in a foreign nation. While proceeding ahead with the process of business set up in Qatar, the business investor needs to hold an investor visa.

At the same time, starting a business in Qatar provides the flexibility to the business owners to recruit international staff, who need to be provided with an employment visa. Hiring global talent enhances the probability of the business entity to function in a much better way, as it holds multiple skills under the same roof. To take your business to that extent, the visa proceedings need to be cleared in an error-free way. Travelers visiting Qatar require an official visa unless:

  • They are the citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC)
  • They are the citizens of one of the eligible countries for a visa waiver

The next section highlights the different types of visas issued by the State of Qatar.

Types of Visa in Qatar

As the ground of Qatar has been holding great opportunities for the private sector, which invites global visitors, the Qatari government takes respective measures while dealing with the visa processes in the nation. In Qatar, there are following types of visas issued by the concerned authorities.

  • Tourist Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Work Visa
  • Family Visa
  • GCC Resident Visa

How to Obtain a Visa in Qatar?

Obtaining a visa in Qatar is backed by a standard process that needs to be followed accordingly. At the same time, it is to be taken care that the applicant needs to hold a valid passport with a validity of at least six months from the date of entry. The process involves the following steps:

1.Obtaining a Letter

If you are planning to visit Qatar to visit a friend or family member, make sure that you get an invitation from the respective person. In case you are heading without a request, you need to draft a letter to clear the purpose of visit

2.Fill the Application Form

You need to make sure to fill the respective Visa form of the State of Qatar and submit it to the relevant authority. Make sure to fill the form neatly and preferably use blank ink.

3.Be Handy with Relevant Documents

Upon filing the form, make sure that you hold the respective set of papers. Documentation plays an essential role in completing the visa process, and even a minor error might lead to the cancellation of the process. The documents required to obtain a visa in Qatar include:

  • A valid passport (holding the validity of at least six months)
  •  A letter from the company (in case of a work visa)/ an invitation (in case of visit visa)
  • Duly filled application form
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Three months bank statement
  • Proof of the relationship between the applicant and the person inviting the applicant

4.Submission of the Documents

Once you are handy with the documents mentioned above, you need to submit the essentials to the Embassy of Qatar at the address mentioned in the application form.

5.Verification and Approval

Once the documents have been submitted, it will be under the verification process, and upon approval, a Qatar visa will be affixed to the visa page in the passport.

Now, dealing with the complete process takes an ample amount of time. When it comes to an investor or employment visa, the scrutiny process becomes more complicated. It turns out to be difficult if you are not well-versed with the proceedings, as that might lead to direct cancellation of the application submitted. The best practice is to approach a professional expert who can guide you at every step.

Why to Avail Professional Services?

Having a helping hand by your side eases the complete process to a great extent. By outsourcing the visa services to experts, you can grab the following benefits:

1.Less Burden

Once you outsource the visa services to experts, you set yourself free from the unwanted burdens. As the relevant proceedings are dealt with in safe-hands, you can focus on the core business essentials. For example, some of the core-focused domains that you need to think about are:

2.In-depth Knowledge

As professionals, your outsourced business-partner will be holding an upper hand when it comes to the understanding of the relevant visa process and document submission. They have a clear concept regarding the core essentials of the process, which might turn out to be difficult for a business owner to proceed ahead with.

3.Assured Quality Services

The practice of dealing with the visa process on a daily basis makes a professional expert in the domain. Once you have outsourced the respective operations to a visa expert, you can get the assured services within a specific duration. Our experts have their network to carry out the visa proceedings at ease, which might turn out to be a troublesome process if one proceeds alone.

4.Expert’s Guidance

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, heading with an experienced professional helps the team to grab the expert’s guidance and follow the necessary steps, which turns out to be a boon for the business. Following the relevant guidelines helps the company to carry out the respective business operations in a smooth way.

How Can We Help?

Business Setup Worldwide is a platform that helps the business owners to convert their business ideas into reality. Along with the business incorporation process, we take care of the essentials ranging from company formation, Visa services, IP Services, company secretarial, and accounting and bookkeeping services. Our visa experts can assist you in the following processes:

  • Applying for different types of Visa
  • Processing and renewal of Visa
  • Arranging for visa transfer and visa cancellation
  • Complete assistance in organizing and submitting the notarized document to the Embassy of Qatar

Our business experts are well-versed with the business setup process in Qatar and will help you to get your Qatari Visa. For more information, contact us today-we’d be glad to assist.

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