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Visa Services in Qatar

A visa is an official stamp or document put in a passport which allows an individual to enter or leave a particular country.

A visa typically includes the limits on the period of a foreigner’s stay, the territory within the nation they may access, the number of permitted visits, or the individual’s right to work in the said country.

In Qatar, visas can be typically obtained online for visitors requiring a visa, either from the official website, or the Qatar Airways website when travelling with the airline. Travellers visiting Qatar require an official visa unless:

  • They are the citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries
  • They are the citizens of one of the eligible countries for visa waiver

All visitors, except GCC citizens, must hold passports valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival. GCC citizens are permitted to use National ID Cards to enter Qatar. The various types of visas available in Qatar are:

  • Tourist visa
  • Business visa
  • Work visa
  • Family visa
  • GCC resident visa

On 9th August 2017, the government of Qatar announced it would grant visa-free entry to the citizens of 80 years, with immediate from those travelling as tourists. Also listed a few countries where in the visa fee will be waived up to a certain extent. Citizens of these countries no longer need to apply or pay for a visa; instead, a multi-entry visa waiver will be issued free-of-charge at the port of entry, upon presentation of a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months and a confirmed onward or return ticket.

Procedure to Obtain a Visa in Qatar

Like most other countries, Qatar too has a definite process to issue visas to expats. Firstly, all the applicants must have a machine-readable passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Qatar. The further Qatar visa process is as follows:

  1. Obtain an invitation letter from the person inviting you to Qatar. The letter should state the reason for your visit, along with a copy of author’s resident permit. If you are visiting Qatar without an invite from anybody in the country, write a letter yourself explaining the reason for your visit.
  2. Complete the application form of the State of Qatar entry visa by typing or printing neatly in black ink.
  3. Submit all the documents along with your application to Embassy of Qatar at the address mentioned in the application form.  Else, you may wait until your arrival in the country and submit your documents at the airport to get Qatar visa on arrival, but it is better not to do this, as the country might deny your visa request.
  4. Most of all, your passport should hold a validity of at least six months or longer than duration of your trip, and should include blank visa pages.
  5. On approval of the visa, a Qatar visa will be affixed to a visa page in your passport. Your passport will be returned by mail using prepaid envelope you provided.

Documents Required to Obtain a Visa in Qatar

  • A valid passport [the validity of the passport should be 6 months longer than the applicant’s intended visit period in Qatar]
  • A letter from their company [if the applicant is applying for a Qatar work visa], or an invitation letter in order to explain the reason behind the visit [if the applicant is applying for a Qatar visit visa]
  • Completely filled application form
  • 2 copies of the first passport pages along with the original one
  • Residence permit copy of the applicant
  • Three months bank statement
  • Authentic proof of relation between the applicant and the person who invited the applicant to Qatar

After submitting all the necessary documents, the Embassy of Qatar shall approve your visa after further authentication.

Our Offerings

We can assist you with all the processes, right from application to procurement and renewal, of Qatar visa. In particular, we provide the following Qatar visa services:

  • Applying for all types of visas in Qatar
  • Processing and visa renewal in Qatar of business and employment visas
  • Arranging for visa transfer and visa cancellation
  • Assisting in arranging and submitting the notarized documents to the Embassy of Qatar

Why Us?

Business Setup Worldwide is a platform to help you start your business in Qatar. Along with business incorporation, business registration, IP services, company secretarial services, accounting and bookkeeping services. We also provide Qatar visa service to individuals/families wanting to visit Qatar for various purposes. Our advisors in Qatar have years of experience in this field and will help you get Qatar visa as soon as possible. If not, you can also have a Qatar visa enquiry at our website. For more Qatar visa information contact us – we’d be happy to help.




The capital and most populous city of Qatar, Doha is the administrative, financial and cultural centre of the country.