Representative Trade Office in Qatar

Qatar’s economy is one of the fastest growing in the world. Due to the rapid growth of its economy and the focus on diversification, international businesses are increasingly seeking to establish their presence in Qatar. Business Setup in Qatar is an ideal option for anyone wanting to expand their business and create a wider outreach. And forming a Representative Trade Office in Qatar has been increasing with each passing year. Currently, a foreign company can register its representative office in Qatar in order to market and promote its business in Qatar. Although the representative office may be registered in the Commercial Registry and employ staff in its own name it is akin to a “Shop Window” and is not permitted to engage in selling or entering into contracts in Qatar.

Features of a Representative Trade Office in Qatar

  • A representative office of a foreign company can carry on its business without exporting, importing, and selling goods and services
  • A representative office is not allowed to create customers in Qatar
  • Any kind of advertisement for the business or entity is now allowed by rules
  • Corporate tax is 10% as a flat rate but it may rise up to 35% depending on the product or service category
  • The foreign company can set up its representative office in Qatar with 100% ownership
  • There is no requirement of minimum share capital

How to Set Up a Representative Office in Qatar?

The Minister of Business and Trade’s Decision No 142/2006 provides that a foreign firm may open a representative office without a local partner in Qatar. These offices are not allowed to conduct any financial transactions related to the company’s activity in Qatar which results in tax exemption. The advantages of this type of entity are realized, potentially, in future sales after relationships have been made by the Representative Trade Office. An RTO is established for an unlimited duration and registration is renewable on a yearly basis. Here are the steps one must follow to open an office of trade representative in Qatar.

  1. Fill an initial application form and submit the same to the Ministry of Business and Trade
  2. Submit a request along with a Certificate or Memorandum of Association of the parent company, and the Certified Power of Attorney for the nominated manager in Qatar for the representative office, to the Investment Promotion Department at the Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC)
  3. Apply for a Commercial Registration at the MEC
  4. Obtain a commercial permit from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture
  5. Obtain a commercial registration number from the immigration office at the Ministry of Interior

Documents Required to Set Up a Representative Office in Qatar

  • Completely filled an application form
  • Memorandum of Association of the parent company with details of all the shareholders
  • Commercial permit
  • Certificate of commercial registration
  • Official address proof of the company in Qatar

If your foreign company is looking for an exposure in the Qatari market, you may want to set up your Trade Representative Office in Qatar. This type of representation is useful in promoting a foreign company and introducing your products to the Qatari companies as a non-trading shop.

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