Company Secretarial Services in Russia

A corporate secretary is a vital link between the management and the shareholders of a company. They are given a wide range of duties and responsibilities in a company. One important responsibility is to provide advises during meetings. The other duties likewise include proper documentation of the general meetings, board meetings, and special annual meetings. A company secretary also makes sure that the management of the company and the operations comply with the constitution and the legal laws and regulations concerning the particular industry.

Why Does a Business Need Company Secretarial Services?

A Company Secretary ensures smooth functioning of the board procedures in compliance with the law. They act as a chief administrator of the company. For any businessman, it is important to have company secretarial services as things become easy when the company’s administrative work is handed over to a company secretary. This happens mainly because a company secretary is trained to handle such type of office work diligently. One more advantage of having company secretarial services is that it frees up company’s time, which can be eventually spent upon improving the core business activities. The specific duties of a secretary vary from company to company, but the role usually involves these core functions:

  • Maintaining company addresses
  • Preparing annual accounts and tax returns
  • Maintaining business stationery
  • Conducting and keeping the minutes of meetings
  • Issuing share certificates

Benefits of Company Secretarial Services in Russia

The duties and responsibilities that come with having a company secretary are what drive businesses to hire company secretarial services for their business. A corporate secretary possesses the skills, expertise, and experience needed to execute the job with precision, giving the companies a peace of mind and allowing them to focus better on growing their business.

If you are still not convinced on the idea of having these services for your company, here’s a list of benefits one gets after hiring company secretary services in Russia:

1. Provides a Wide Range of Services

Company Secretarial Services offer a comprehensive range of services to make sure that companies will be able to adhere to all the compliances and reporting necessities. They can provide with services that can effectively manage your business, such as helping you with financial and legal transactions and also advising on bookkeeping or tax concerns.

2. Experience

The company secretarial service providers engaged in these services have years of experience and expertise due to which they can handle a plethora of duties according to the specific need of the company. They also continuously update their knowledge of the rules and regulations to ensure that their clients are up-to-date as well when it comes to regulatory requirements.

3. Improves Efficiency

Once a company hires company secretarial services, the members of the organization have more time to officially work on the other areas of business. This allows them to free up much needed time to improve efficiency and effectiveness in other areas in which they excel.

4. Simplifies Management

The management no longer needs to worry about secretarial duties, so they can focus on managing the company correctly and improving day-to-day operations.

Our Company Secretarial Services in Russia

We provide a full company secretarial and register service for all type of companies in Russia. This includes:

  • Prepare and file annual returns of the company
  • Maintaining all company statutory registers
  • Document the resignation or appointment of officers
  • Informing the company know about accounts filing deadlines
  • Company formation and administration
  • Preparation of documents for annual general meetings
  • Provision of secretarial services for Board of Directors

Who We Are

Business Setup Worldwide is a platform to help you set up your business in Russia. We provide wide range of services which includes formation and registration of a company, accounting and bookkeeping services, intellectual property services, company secretarial services, and taxation services. Our advisors have the in-depth knowledge and experience that enables our clients to completely rely on us to proactively and efficiently meet their obligations.

Why Us?

For a company, complying with the corporate law can be time-consuming; so we at Business Setup Worldwide help you take this burden off by providing your company with comprehensive range of corporate secretarial services in Russia. We will incorporate, administer and close entities on your behalf. Our advisors in Russia have significant experience in providing these services to the clients and will make sure that your company adheres with all the corporate laws in Russia.


1. What are the advantages of company secretarial services?

No existence of the burden
Fewer errors
Better corporate structure

2. Is it necessary to have a business license in Russia?


3. What is the role of the company secretary?

A corporate secretary manages the daily responsibilities associated with compliance and legal rules and ensures that a corporation keeps on top of legislation and regulations. Lawyers or other business experts with extensive understanding of governance obligations frequently serve as corporate secretaries.