Intellectual Property Services in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the most popular business hubs in the world. It attracts thousands of emerging business ventures and offers plenty of opportunities for business growth and development. With growing trends in innovations and business solutions, intellectual property remains an essential aspect of building a sustainable business. Intellectual property comprises of features that are intangible such as inventions, ideas and creative work.

The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP) governs the process of registering intellectual property in Saudi Arabia. Most of the emerging ventures tackle issues of copyright, trademark and patent infringements which disrupts the flow of business operations. Also, there has been an increasing number of IP thefts with easy access to the internet. Intellectual Property services, thereby, help in protection and legal advisory regarding company assets that act as intellectual property. The following sections highlight the different types of intellectual properties, along with the process of IP registration in Saudi Arabia. 

Types of Intellectual Property


Patents are exclusive rights granted to products or services that offer an innovative solution to existing problems. The patent owner gains proprietary rights over the use or reuse of the patented property. For patent registration, the owner has to disclose information about the product or service in the patent application submitted to the patent authority. In Saudi Arabia, the patents are processed and issued by the Saudi Arabia Patent Office. The regulatory firm protects the patent right for 20 years. However, Saudi Arabia patent holders are subjected to an annual fee for the patent to remain valid.


Copyrights registration for literary and artistic work gives the owner complete rights over the usage of their work. The Saudi Arabia copyright law provides property rights in the field of arts, science, computer programs, designer clothing, literature and movies. It also enlists the rights of the copyright holder and penalties in case of infringement. The protection for issued copyright is valid for 50 years. For artistic works, the protection period is 25 years from the time of the first release. 


Trademark registration in Saudi Arabia protects the registered trademark for ten years. In the case of trademark infringement, the authorities impose fines along with imprisonment. Trademark can be words, figures, signatures, letters, hallmarks or any other unique mark that distinguishes itself from the existing ones in the marketplace. The trademark law in Saudi Arabia also protects well-known trademarks and authorities conduct regular crackdowns on trademark infringements. Trademark consultants in Saudi Arabia make the trademark search and registration process effortless. 

Trade secrets

Trade secrets are specific processes or practices followed by a company during the manufacturing of their products. The trade secret of business distinguishes it from its competitors with a unique selling point. Protection of trade secrets is crucial for any business owing to the heap of advantages it provides for success. A company or establishment with trade secret has an added benefit in the marketplace. Therefore, it is quite essential to protect trade secrets using legal and administrative methods. Trade secret registration in Saudi Arabia ensures companies the protection of unique business approaches towards a product or service.

IP Registration in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP) regulates the IP registration process in Saudi Arabia. It is a regulating authority that is governed by the Ministry of Commerce and Investment. SAIP consists of three directories that undertake IP registration tasks and objectives.  The three directories are:

Saudi Patent Office

The Saudi Patent Office is the authority that issues and protects patent in Saudi Arabia. It is responsible for the implementation of patent laws in the jurisdiction. Registration of a patent in Saudi Arabia involves submitting an application to the Saudi Arabia Patent Office with details about the patent for verification and approval.  

General Administration of Copyrights

The General Administration of Copyrights is a regulatory body that undertakes activities regarding copyright registration and issuance. This organization aims to issue and protect intellectual properties in the field of art, literature and science.

The Department of Trademarks

Trademark application in Saudi Arabia is carried out by the Department of Trademarks. The governing authority is responsible for registration and declaration of trademarks. Companies willing to file a trademark should meet with the requirements as specified by the Department of Trademarks.

Intellectual property can thus be protected by registration through the above-mentioned local authorities. It is an essential practice that should be considered during business setup in Saudi Arabia as it can ensure the protection of various company assets that qualifies as intellectual property. Although the registration process is quite straightforward, it requires legal expertise and advisory to make the process even more convenient. By availing professional IP registration services, you can enjoy quick and easy IP registration process. 

What are the benefits of Intellectual Property Services?

  • Intellectual property protection helps in increasing a company’s market value.
  • Trademarks and copyrights act as an added advantage to outshine the competition in the global market.
  • It helps to preserve innovative ideas and turn them into profitable businesses in the future. These services make it easier to monetize innovations and plans to raise funds.
  • It helps in establishing brand identity and promotes franchising with overseas companies which could lead to business expansion globally.
  • Availing professional IP services makes the registration process quick and hassle-free.
  • It ensures compliance with the laws and regulations specified by the local regulatory authorities.
  • It helps in the protection of industrial designs, ideas and inventions against thefts.

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How do I get a trademark in Saudi Arabia?

Below are the steps one should follow to get a trade mark in Saudi Arabia.
Click on the service link
Go to the trademark portal
Fill out the electronic application
Register with relevant details
Final publication of the trade mark

How long does a trademark last in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi trademarks are valid for nine years and eight months from filing.

Can a trade mark be able to cancel in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, a trade mark can be cancelled in Saudi Arabia.

How can a trade mark be cancelled?

A registered trademark could be cancelled through a cancellation action before the Administrative Court of First Instance if the brand was unlawfully registered.