How to Start Seychelles Offshore Holding Company?

Seychelles is an ideal place for investment and business. Investing is one of the challenging choices while doing business; if you do it effectively, you may yield enormous returns. 

When considering an investment, the wise option is an offshore holding company. A holding company is a legal entity, typically an LLC or corporation. It doesn't manufacture, sell goods or services, or engage in other business activities.

Since many jurisdictions are available for holding companies, you must conduct in-depth research to find the best offshore jurisdiction for a holding company. Seychelles is considered one of the best jurisdictions for starting a holding company. 

However, read the entire blog to learn more about the Seychelles holding company.

Benefits of Using Seychelles Holding Company

A Seychelles holding company assures business investors of numerous advantages. 

A few offshore holding company advantages are given for your reference

  • Drastic growth and development options
  • Centralized management structure
  • Assurance of better control
  • High-end asset protection
  • Easy ownership transfer
  • Succession planning
  • Liability protection
  • Tax minimization

Simple Steps to Start an Offshore Holding Company in Seychelles

To start an offshore holding company in Seychelles, one should follow the below procedures.

The first thing to consider while starting an offshore holding company in Seychelles is seeking help from a professional expert. 

The professional expert will help you brief a holding company on its requirements. As it is named, it's a company incorporated in the offshore nation to hold other companies under its roof. 

Therefore, it's going to function in a way different than itself. Instead, it will function as an umbrella for your offshore business activities. Knowing the core reasons for hiring an offshore business consultant will also help you understand the necessity of a business expert.

Once you have chosen the best business setup consultant, you should decide on the business entity. 

Offshore business grounds offer business owners the same flexibility to move forward with different business formats as onshore business places. As a result, international business owners frequently choose an International Business Company (IBC) as their preferred business entity.

The third step is to prepare the documents required for holding company registration. In general, some of the standard documents incorporate the following:

  • Well-drafted business plan
  • Articles of Association (AOA)
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • A duly filled offshore business application form
  • Identity proofs of the business shareholder(s) and director(s)
  • Address proofs of the business shareholder(s) and director(s)

Once you submit the above-stated documents to the business advisor, the next thing is to wait for approvals from the relevant government authority.

The last step to consider is opening an offshore bank account. Unfortunately, opening an offshore account is a complicated process. To avoid such complications, you can get assistance from a professional expert.

Henceforth, by reading the above content, you have gained a general understanding that Seychelles is the best offshore jurisdiction for a holding company.

In addition, if you wish to proceed with Seychelles offshore company formation, explore the procedures further.

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What is the primary purpose of a holding company?

Holding the majority of the stock or membership interests in other businesses is the only objective of a holding company.

Which is the governing authority of company incorporation?

 The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) is the governing authority of the company incorporation.

Who is eligible to own a holding company in Seychelles?

 Those interested in setting up operations at a larger scale can open holding companies in Seychelles.