Seychelles Nominee Shareholder: Nominee Director Service

The usability of offshore entities is widespread in Seychelles due to tax flexibility and anonymity benefits. And even though anonymity experience happens to be a changing value, the practice of nominee services remains relatively unaltered and still very popular.

When you need to start an offshore company in Seychelles, the businessman is often asked by customers to provide their newly registered offshore entity with nominee directors or shareholders services. So let's learn more about who exactly Nominee Services are.

Who Is a Nominee Director?

A nominee director is an individual who has been appointed by original owners/buyers of the organization. The main aim is to adhere to and fulfil the entity's legal requirements and secure the identification of the same. The individual who has been appointed as the nominee director is offered the responsibility to secure the organization's privacy and act on behalf of the company's beneficial owner.

When registering your offshore company in Seychelles, a nominee director stands out as the most suited solution. He/she would portray the company in all formal proceedings. The nominee director also has the authority to arrive at all corporate meetings as and when required. In short, the nominee director designated has all the responsibilities and is responsible for making decisions for the organization in the eyes of the law.

What Is Nominee Service?

To appoint the nominee director or your company's official person, we use a management tool called nominee service. For people who are not local residents of Seychelles but wish to have a private company registered in the jurisdiction, the nominee service would be the best bet. The person designated would act as the local partner and have the provision to appear on behalf of the company's original owners. In case you would like to learn more, here is our latest guide on How to Start a Seychelles IBC.

Why Would You Require Nominee Services?

To have a local business partner in Seychelles, nominee services are the best solution. We have years of experience in helping business organizations find a suitable nominee director for their private entity. Having a nominee director is quite beneficial in multiple ways:

  • For any reason, if the company's beneficial owner fails to visit Seychelles, the nominee director can appear at the forefront to assist with business decisions. Whether it is about signing documents or executing important decisions, the nominee director will have a total say over it.
  • A nominee director works on behalf of the beneficiary owner and would be the local partner of the entity.
  • The nominee director helps protect the real owner's identity from the non-governmental entities.
  • If the law enforces you to have a specific number of members, a nominee director is a must.
  • In case you wish to move your organizational assets, the nominee director would get the job done for you.

Benefits of a Local Partner in Seychelles

There are a considerable number of benefits one can gain utilizing a nominee director service. Few of which are as mentioned below:

  • Having a nominee director would help you operate a private organization without any issue.
  • Doesn't require any documents to be submitted to the government authorities.
  • Easier to open a corporate bank account in Seychelles.
  • Doesn't have to bother about availing local assistance.
  • The power of attorney lies in the hands of the original owner.

In short, we can say that availing the services of a nominee director are a complete necessity for incorporating an offshore business in Seychelles. Without hiring a nominee director, it will be nearly impossible for a newbie or a foreigner to conduct business in the nation. Hiring a nominee director would also require a level of expertise and trust, as he would be having access to crucial data about the entity, which in the wrong hands could lead to the downfall of the entity. Thus, it would be highly preferred that the services are hired from a certified and trustworthy source.

If you are searching to hire a nominee director in Seychelles, then look no further.

Business Setup Worldwide would help you start an offshore business in Seychelles and help you by providing various other corporate secretarial services. We would be taking care of all the procedures needed for setting up a business, leaving you free to focus appropriately on the entity's future growth. For any information on any of our services, do contact us – we would be glad to help!

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