Seychelles Offshore Company Formation FAQs

1. Why open a company in Seychelles?

Seychelles is a very appealing financial centre and offers many incentives to foreign investors. The businesses benefit from enhanced privacy and asset protection solutions

2. What confidentiality is granted to an IBC in Seychelles?

The information of Beneficial Owner of the IBC must be disclosed to the registrar, but it not be published

3. What makes Seychelles an attractive destination for foreign investors and business venture?

Seychelles gives foreign investor 100% ownership of an incorporated company. It is also exempted from paying taxes.

4. Is it mandatory to appoint a resident director for Seychelles IBC?

No. It is not mandatory to appoint a local director.

5. What makes Seychelles the most preferred destination for company setup?

Seychelles provides foreigner investors with 100% ownership and is exempted from paying taxes.

6. Is there any restriction to conduct different activities in Seychelles offshore company?

International Business Company in Seychelles may not own any real estate, nor can it acquit any activity in the nation.

7. What is the minimum number of directors and shareholders required to form a Seychelles company?

A single shareholder or director is required to form a Seychelles company.