E-Commerce Company in Singapore

E-commerce has been one of the booming industries in today’s time. With the advancement of technology, the e-commerce industry has penetrated itself in every possible business sector. Giant e-commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart has been one of the growing examples that have covered a global area.

The business investors have been continuously investing in these businesses, and to grab an additional benefit, the business owners prefer to proceed ahead with tax-haven countries.

Offshore countries are reliable sources that allow business investors to start their business entities with tax-exemption benefits. Since the e-commerce companies have been exponentially rising, countries like Singapore has opened its arms to the business investors to come forward and invest in the same. So, if you are looking forward to setting up your offshore business, you can count on Singapore. This guide highlights the essentials that are required to incorporate an offshore e-commerce company in Singapore.

Offshore E-Commerce in Singapore

Offshore e-commerce company formation is highly preferrable for investors who are looking for drop shipping business or building an online store. Singapore, one of the high-rated tax-haven jurisdiction, is one of the investment platforms that you can count on. Over the years, the growth of the offshore business has been continuously increasing in the region and thus proceeding ahead is a profitable move.

How to Start an E-Commerce Company in Singapore?

Singapore is an excellent destination when it comes to offshore company incorporation. There are numerous advantages of setting up an offshore company in Singapore. If you are looking for an offshore e-commerce business setup, then the following steps are to be implemented accordingly.

1.Set Up An IBC

The first step is to set up an International Business Company, that is one of the most common business structures that is widely chosen during offshore investments. Proceeding with an IBC helps a business investor to grab high tax-exemption benefits, provided that they are not engaged in any local activities. To know more about the incorporation procedure, here’s a guide on International Business Company (IBC), that will give you complete details on the same.

2.Get Offshore Web Hosting Server

In the next step, you need to get an offshore web hosting server that helps you to carry out the business activities remotely. Holding a remote IP address outside the area of your residence help you to add another layer of protection to your business entity. Additionally, it also becomes beneficial to tax-grounds.

3.Set Up an Offshore Merchant Account

Next, you need to hold an offshore merchant account outside the location of your residence. The core reason behind this is that the business transactions shouldn’t cross the local server system. Since you will be setting up an international business, you need to hold a global payment solution to carry out the business transactions.

4.Distribution of Goods

In the final stage, you can deal with the distribution of goods and services. The distribution of information becomes more comfortable as it is located online and can be carried out efficiently.

Thus, you have seen the complete procedure of setting up an offshore e-commerce business in Singapore. Now, it is highly recommended to proceed ahead under the guidance of an expert professional who is well-equipped with the related business proceedings.

Hiring an expert not only saves time but also speed-up the process. Here’s a guide on Core Reasons for Hiring an Offshore Business Consultant, which will help you to understand the benefits at ease.

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