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Offshore Bank Account in Singapore


Singapore is a prominent business destination popularly among small businesses, investors, and large corporations, owing to the growing business opportunities in the country. It has a stable economy with a higher growth rate and reduced political risks. The country provides a suitable environment for foreign investments, which in turn helps in boosting its economy. 

The island nation is an ideal choice for investors and business owners looking for offshore banking solutions. Numerous factors make Singapore an ideal hub for opening an offshore bank account. Some of these factors include world-class banking infrastructure, higher interest rates, lower tax rates, confidentiality, and security. The following sections highlight the various aspects of offshore banking in Singapore.

Offshore Banking in Singapore

Singapore provides a suitable banking infrastructure and facilities that are feasible according to the requirements of the account holders. Overseas banking in Singapore is not just limited to wealthy individuals but extends to small business owners, professionals, and investors looking for banking options in a foreign jurisdiction. It is also an essential component of the offshore company set up in Singapore. Some of the advantages of offshore banking include lower tax rates, higher returns on investments, privacy, security, and accessibility.

There are specific considerations that you have to consider before opening an offshore bank account in Singapore. It includes:

  • Determining the purpose of the offshore bank account
  • Conducting intensive research on the various banking options available
  • Understanding the documentation requirements
  • Getting advice from tax advisors
  • Comparing banking fees

By availing professional banking services, it becomes easier to open an offshore bank account without going through the hassle all by yourself.  

How to Open an Offshore Bank Account in Singapore?

The procedure for Singapore offshore bank account opening involves various steps. With the help of professional services, you can quickly get started with the bank account process by providing minimal documentation. The steps involved in opening an offshore bank account in Singapore are listed below: 

1. The first and foremost step is to produce personal particulars supported by valid documents. The documents required to initiate the process include:

  • A copy of your passport
  • Identity proof
  • Proof of address
  • Bank statements from your existing bank of the last six months

2. Once the documents are prepared, the next step is to look out for various offshore banking options in Singapore. It is crucial to conduct extensive research so that the banking service is sufficient according to your requirements.

3. After shortlisting the preferable banking service providers, you have to review banking services and compare their fees. Banking fees can include fees for currency exchange, deposits, withdrawals, and investment.

4. The next step involves applying for offshore banking services with the help of supporting documents. To make the procedure more straightforward, you can avail professional services to get started with the bank opening process.

Benefits of Singapore Offshore Bank Account

High-quality Services

Offshore banking services are highly customized and personalized according to the requirements of the account holder. In most of the cases, a relationship manager is assigned to cater to the needs of individual account holders. Also, these services ensure good accessibility with round the clock availability. 

Security and Privacy

One of the most crucial aspects of an offshore bank account is the high levels of security and privacy associated with it. The top banking service providers ensure that information of account holders remain discreet. Also, Singapore is a transparent jurisdiction that eliminates all possible risks and assures the safety of investments.


Offshore banking is quite convenient with round the clock availability. The account holders can easily access their investments through telephone banking, mobile banking, and internet banking. With excellent connectivity, it becomes easy for an individual to keep track of their transactions and banking activities regularly. 

Investment Opportunities

Singapore is predominantly one of the safest destinations for investment purposes. It provides excellent investment opportunities in various developing sectors. An offshore bank account gives its customers access to a wide range of investing options suitable for their requirements. Also, there are higher interest rates on investments, which makes it even more attractive for individuals and business owners.

Lower Tax Rates

Offshore jurisdictions provide investors and business owners with lower tax rates to promote business activities in the jurisdiction. Starting an offshore company in Singapore often requires business owners to open a corporate bank account for financial transactions. Tax benefits, thereby, helps in lowering overhead expenses and improve savings.

Lending and Credit Facilities

Another benefit of opening an offshore bank account in Singapore is that it provides superior lending and credit facilities. These facilities are quite flexible and are tailored according to the requirements of the account holders. It is beneficial, especially for conducting business activities in the jurisdiction.

Why Avail Professional Services?

Professional services provide a plethora of benefits in case of opening an offshore bank account. It helps in the proper implementation of standard procedures required. The following are some of the benefits of hiring professional offshore bank account opening services:

  • Minimum requirements from you end
  • Quick and hassle-free process
  • Assistance with research for banking service providers
  • Expert advisory on the selection of suitable banks
  • Flexible and customized solutions
  • High-quality and affordable service

How Can We Help?

Here at Business Setup Worldwide, we provide customized services for opening an offshore bank account. Our services ensure high-quality and reliability. We can help you in finding the most suitable banking solutions according to your requirements. To know more about our offshore bank account opening services in Singapore, you can contact us today!