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Offshore Company Formation in Singapore


Singapore is a significant business hub in the Asia-Pacific region with a fast-paced economy. The country has been continually working on economic development and sustainability. Much of the government's efforts are focused on encouraging privatization, which in turn strengthens its economy. Being one of the most prominent financial destinations, Singapore is often viewed as an ideal jurisdiction for business owners and investors.

It is a suitable destination for conducting offshore business owing to the numerous benefits such as lower tax rates, flexibility, confidentiality, and other utilities. Starting an offshore company in Singapore can be rewarding and quite beneficial for foreign nationals looking to expand their business and invest overseas. The following sections highlight the essential aspects of offshore company registration in Singapore.

Offshore Business Environment in Singapore

As mentioned earlier, Singapore is undoubtedly an ideal destination for conducting offshore business. Offshore companies in Singapore are formed with regards to the Companies Act (1994) and are governed under the Commons Law. The registration process was maintained by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Other than tax benefits,  offshore companies have access to high-level privacy and confidentiality. Also, corporate regulations are flexible, which eases the business flow.

A Singapore offshore company can be used for international trading, import, and exports, investment in holding company, commerce over the internet, or consultancy business. Also, it can be essential in opening an offshore bank account with high-quality services, privacy, and good banking infrastructure.    

How to Start an Offshore Company in Singapore?

The company registration procedure is well-devised and easy to follow. However, offshore company formation in Singapore requires hiring a professional incorporating services. These services are essential for the quick and hassle-free business registration process. The following are the sequential steps that business owners have to follow to establish an offshore company in Singapore:

  1. Register a company name for your business. The company name should be unique and should resemble the type of business operation undertaken by the company.
  2. Declare the list of company directors, shareholders, and company secretary.
  3. Deposit the initial capital, which is required according to the specifications of the local regulatory authorities.
  4. Register a business address for your offshore company.
  5. Appoint an incorporation agent to get started with the business registration process.
  6. Prepare the documents for the registration application. The documents include -
  • Passport copies of shareholders and directors
  • Residential proof
  • Details about the parent company
  • Bank reference letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
  1. Once the documents get processed, initiate company registration by submitting the application with the help of an incorporation agent.
  2. Upon receiving the company registration certificates, register for GST.
  3. In the case of business activities that require additional permissions from the local authorities, you must obtain the necessary business licenses and permits.

To ensure compliance with local corporate laws, it is recommended to avail professional business setup services for a smooth and easy offshore company set up in Singapore.

Benefits of Singapore Offshore Company Formation

Asset Protection

Asset protection one of the primary requirements for investors and business owners. In most cases, the resident country may not be able to provide high-level protection for assets. With an offshore company, it becomes easier to place assets in the offshore legal structure for protection from liabilities. Also, it helps in keeping track of the assets with easy accessibility effective management.

Tax Benefits

The primary reason for opening a company in a foreign jurisdiction is to take advantage of lower tax rates, which cannot be availed in the resident country. If the country of residence offers high tax rates, then it is a feasible option to invest in an offshore company to enjoy various tax benefits that are available in the offshore jurisdiction.   

Lower Capital Requirements

Offshore companies generally require lower initial capital. Also, the charges involved in the setup procedure is comparatively lower than that of traditional companies. Capital requirement is one of the primary challenges of starting a business. Offshore company formation in Singapore, thereby, could be a suitable option for investors and business owners.

World-class Infrastructure

It is a suitable financial center that offers excellent infrastructure and transportation facilities. Singapore is widely known for its infrastructural development and advancement. It offers spacious office spaces along with various amenities such as transportation, banks, financial centers, telecommunication, and internet connectivity.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Offshore companies in Singapore have assured privacy and confidentiality in regards to business activities and operations. It is perhaps an essential component that encourages investors and business owners to establish a business in the overseas territory. 

Banking Facilities

There are numerous banks present in the jurisdiction that provides high-grade and personalized banking services to foreign nationals. It is quite easy to open an offshore bank account in Singapore without requiring to put in many efforts in terms of account opening procedure.

Lesser Auditing Requirements

Another significant advantage of a Singapore offshore company is that there are lesser auditing and reporting requirements. Companies have to prepare and submit accounting reports on an annual basis. Such flexibility eliminates the excess burden on offshore businesses in terms of legal requirements.

Why Avail Professional Services?

Professional services help in quick registration of offshore business. It helps in streamlining the entire procedure, making it convenient for business owners and investors to get started with their offshore business in no time. The following are some of the benefits of hiring professional business setup services:

  • Easy and hassle-free company registration process
  • Provides extensive support and assistance
  • Expert advisory on legal requirements
  • Ensures compliance with local regulations
  • Saves time and excess effort
  • Available at affordable charges

How Can We Help?

Here at Business Setup Worldwide, we provide expert solutions for offshore companies set up in Singapore. Our services are specially tailored according to the client's requirements. With years of experience, we have developed considerable expertise with offshore company formation in Singapore. You can contact us today to learn more about our offshore company services.