Shelf Companies Services

A business can be set up in any international jurisdiction either by incorporating or buying a new company which is already existing there. When incorporating a company, one has to go through all the different processes of creating this company from scratch. Still, when buying a company, most of the documentation is not required to be conducted as the company already exists. 

In simpler terms, shelf companies or ready-made companies are those that have already been established but have not conducted any activity in the past. Entrepreneurs can buy these companies and conduct their operations as per their requirements. 

Benefits of Buying a Shelf Company

Acquiring an organisation will be profitable for you for a multitude of reasons. The reasons are mentioned below:

  • By buying a ready-made establishment, you can avoid the company registration process altogether.  
  • Paperwork is also cut down because no incorporation procedure needs to be followed. 
  • Purchasing such businesses will also help to avoid the cost incurred in governmental approvals. 
  • The business can commence its commercial operations immediately after purchase. 
  • Establishing a legal agreement with the investors is easier due to the organisation's history.

Why Acquiring a Shelf Company is Hassle-Free?

A ready-made company will have the below-mentioned elements before starting the business operations-

In jurisdictions where taxes need to be filed, the government issues a Tax Identification Number (TIN) (the local nomenclature may vary) to each establishment. Its purpose is to identify and track tax-paying businesses. An aged organisation will already have the TIN  during the registration process itself.

Many of the ready-made companies may have filed tax returns previously. This will establish a history of compliance with taxation laws, which will improve your credibility.

Opening a corporate bank account separately will not be necessary as most shelf companies get it opened during the incorporation process. This will help you start your business with ease and also avail financial services without any hassle. 

The shelf company must have a name when registering. You are free to continue using the same name or choose a new name that suits your requirements. 

What Changes can be made to a Shelf Company?

A ready-made business can be customised according to your requirements. Here are some of the changes which can be made to the company:

  • The shares of the establishment can be transferred into the name of the person acquiring it. 
  • The registration address can be changed. 
  • A director can be appointed. 
  • The company name can be changed as per the requirements of your activity. 
  • The company bylaws can be modified to suit the necessities of the buyer. 

Procedure to Acquire Aged Businesses

To buy a ready-made establishment, you must follow the following steps:

A management expert with proficiency in company incorporation will

 assist you in acquiring a business and choosing the right shelf company to purchase.

You will be provided with a list of ready-made companies from which you can choose. The choice can be made depending on the name and the legal structure that you require for you. 

The next step involves drafting the purchase agreement and making the payments to transfer ownership. 

Once the payment is cleared, the documents must be transferred to the purchaser. 

Once the document is transferred, you can start your business’s commercial operations. With this, you become a business owner without having faced the process of incorporation.

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