Intellectual Property Services in Tanzania

What is Intellectual Property?

Any business that exists has a face of recognition. This face is either a symbol, or a logo that stands and communicates on the behalf of an organization, and are known as intellectual property. They play a major role in the business development process, ranging from communicating to a mass audience and converting them into customers, making them brand loyal. Intellectual properties have been segmented for ease, and they have been divided into the following groups:

1. Industrial Design

Mostly deals with the virtual design of manufactured goods. It may deal with different aspects like shape, size, color, patterns etc. They are mostly used to protect the trade secrets of an organization. It includes inventions, industrial designs, geographical indications and trade secrets.

2. Copyright

This simply means the right to copy. Copyright protects or prevents any creation from getting duplicated or altered by any other person or organization for their benefit. It includes literary, artistic works, music, etc.

What are Intellectual Property Rights?

The legal way of holding a possession on one’s creation is known as intellectual property rights. These are the rights that an organization holds on its creative patterns so as to protect them from getting misused or altered, and provides the right of ownership on these intellectual creations.


ARIPO stands for African Regional Intellectual Property Organization that was established in the year 1976. It is to be noted that Tanzania is a member of ARIPO. The organization was set with a basic aim of building an international relationship and pool resources from multiple countries. It also aimed at increasing the creativity level to avoid duplication under any circumstances.

COSOTA- Registration of Copyrights in Tanzania

COSOTA stands for Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act. It is an institution that looks into the matters of copyright and administers the rights to register them. These rights are available to authors/ creators who are nationals of Tanzania or holds a habitual residence in the country.

BRELA- Registration of Trademarks in Tanzania

BRELA refers to Business Registration and Licensing Agency. In Tanzania, BRELA takes care of the registration of Trademarks. The registration period for a trademark longs up to 7 years and can be renewed for a further period of 10 years.

Patent Protection in Tanzania

A patent in Tanzania is covered under the Patent Protection Act for a duration of 20 years.

Design Protection in Tanzania

There is no separate body for maintaining or dealing with design protection in Tanzania. It can be protected under the framework of ARIPO.

How to Register a Patent in Tanzania?

An individual who wants to register a patent in Tanzania has the following options:

1. By lodging an application with the registrar of patents at BRELA

Now, to initiate the patent registration process at BRELA, one must submit the following:

  • A title of the invention
  • A description regarding the invention stating the technical field under which it falls

2. By lodging an application with the registrar of patents at ARIPO

To initiate the patent registration process at ARIPO, one must submit the following:

  • Full particulars of the applicant
  • Power of Attorney
  • A specification that includes claims, drawings or abstract
  • Assignment document (if the applicant is not an inventor)
  • Certified copy of the priority document (if priority is claimed)

How to Register for Copyright in Tanzania?

In order to obtain a copyright registration in Tanzania, one needs to submit the following:

  • Two copies of the copyrighted work
  • Two passport size of the applicant along with a copy of passport, birth certificate
  • Copy of agreement or other document evidencing other right holder’s contribution to the copyrighted work

Cost Structure of Registering Intellectual Properties in Tanzania

Patent Fee

Description Fee
Application fee (paper filing) $290
Application fee (e-filing) $232
Designation fee per country designated $85
Examination report fee $300
Search report fee $300
Publication or republication fee $350
Grant fee $350

Trademark Fee

Description Fee
Application fee (paper filing) $100
Application fee (e-filing) $80
For one mark in one class per D/S $50
For one mark in every additional class per D/S $10
Registration fee in one class per D/S $100
Registration fee in every additional class per D/S $50
Inspection of the register $20

Industrial Design Fee

Description Fee
Application fee (paper filing) $50
Application fee (e-filing) $40
Designation fee per country designated $10
Registration and publication fee $75
Request for an extension (per extension) $50
Replacement of lost or destroyed certificates $50

Utility Model Fee

Description Fee
Application fee (paper filing) $100
Application fee (e-filing) $80
Designation fee per country designated $20
Registration and publication fee $50
Republication fee $20
Status search fee $10
Consultation with register $2
Consultation with the register for every page in excess of 10 pages $1

Why Does a Business Need Intellectual Property (IP) Services?

As mentioned above, the intangible assets stand-alone representing the company they belong to, so it becomes the responsibility of the organizations to take utmost care in protecting their front face. Intellectual property services help to avoid any kind of malpractice that might occur by alteration or replication.

Benefits of Availing Intellectual Property Services

When an organization takes an initiative to protect its intangible assets by opting for intellectual property services, they also avail certain benefits. Let’s have a look at the benefits that can be availed by an organization:

  • The recognition and reputation of an organization gets enhanced
  • Intellectual assets enhance the count of loyal customers
  • It is able to capture a large audience at one time
  • These assets can be monetized upon the requirement
  • They help in getting a mass market share and stand out from competitors

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