Virtual Office Space in Tanzania

Virtual office space in Tanzania is nothing but a type of service that is availed by mostly start-ups and business owners. This includes providing them with a physical office address, administration services, access to meeting rooms in case of face-to-face meetings, and everything else without a physical business centre.

Tanzania being a country present in the sub-Saharan region, has extreme temperature conditions, that sometimes prevent the locals from stepping out of their homes. On top of that, being one of the leading economies in the EAC (East-African Countries) has attracted many foreign investors to set up a business in Tanzania. To cater towards both the needs, the majority of the start-ups have resorted to availing a virtual office service in Tanzania.

What is a Virtual Office?

Before all of that, let us know what a virtual office is. Virtual office space is a type of office service and meeting rooms for physical interaction with clients and everything else without the need to have a physical office. Typically, a virtual office setup includes a dedicated business contact number, courier services and professional reception team that answers your business calls.

Why have a Virtual Office in Tanzania?

Availing a virtual office service in Tanzania will help in operating your business a lot easier. Having a virtual office solves some of the troubles faced by a lot of start-up and business owners. Here are five reasons why a company needs to have a virtual office.

1.Maintain a Permanent Office Address

 Let us assume that you are a start-up owner, and you have a limited amount of financial backup to run your company and have to run your business from home. Will you want clients to turn up at your house? To avoid this, it is advisable to use a virtual office service. Availing this service will help in keeping your house address off the public, and enables you to provide your clients with a permanent address.

2.Proof of Legitimacy

 Most of the customers like to know whether your business is legit. You don't want to provide your house address as your official address, as this evokes a sense of doubt to the customer about your business. Having a Virtual office address will have the right image of the company, and moreover, prove to them that your company is legit.

3.Reduces Commuting Hassle

 A critical part about having a physical office is for your employees to commute to your office daily, which is tiresome. Having a virtual office means that there is no physical office as such, which means reducing the carbon footprint in the atmosphere, as well as reduce stress on the employee and improve his work-life balance

4.Fixed Address

Having a permanent office address can save up some money and can help you in being flexible towards moving places. If for suppose you want to set up a new company in Tanzania, having a virtual office means that you can move spots and can also expand your company services into the country, without the need to change your official address.

5.Saving Money

 Last but not the least, having a virtual office will help in saving up some capital expenditures like leasing a physical space, buying furnishings and office equipment, having to pay electricity bills etc. Having a virtual office helps in lowering the risk involved in investing in such type of chores.

Preferable Locations to Have a Virtual Office in Tanzania

In Tanzania, there are various locations to choose from to have your virtual office address. Most of the business owners in Tanzania prefer the country’s capital Dar-Es-Salaam to be their virtual office location. Some of the regions in Dar-Es-Salaam to be preferred are

  • Masaki Peninsula
  • Kinondoni
  • Office Park
  • Mahando Street

Why Choose Us?

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1. Why do people opt for virtual office spaces?

It’s expensive. According to Business Wire, most businesses spend anything from 15% to 46% of their revenue on office rent.

2. Are virtual offices ideal?

Yes, for start-ups and entrepreneurs.

3. How Do Virtual Offices Operate?

A virtual office is readily rented on a subscription basis with direct monthly payments. Flexible workspace providers offer virtual office systems, and for maximum flexibility and cost, each customer's package is customized and hired monthly. When you subscribe to a virtual office package, you may immediately use the company address, phone number, and support services.