British Virgin Islands (BVI) Holding Company

One of the well-known offshore business structures, holding business entities serve as a significant offshore vehicle that enables company investors to make high-end returns by investing in well-liked offshore locations.

A holding company is, by definition, responsible for holding the outstanding shares of other corporate entities. The primary aim is to create a corporate group; the business structure does not involve producing goods and services.

The British Virgin Islands, one of the most favorable offshore business destinations, is one of the eye-catching offshore investment platforms that global business investors prefer. Offshore company formation in BVI is an easy process. This guide outlines the essentials to be followed when setting up a holding company.

Advantages of BVI Holding Company Incorporation

The factors that drive business investors to start a holding company in the BVI are:

Minimum Capital Requirement

The initial investment needed to establish an offshore business in the BVI is relatively low. The ability to launch a firm quickly by using a small initial investment and earning significant returns simultaneously appeals to business entrepreneurs.


Secrecy is one of the highest parameters when it comes to the incorporation of an offshore business. The British Virgin Islands is one of the safest offshore jurisdictions that provides high-end flexibility to business investors to maintain confidential details.

Reputable Jurisdiction

When it comes to offshore investing grounds, the BVI is highly regarded. The BVI can attract business owners with its high-end investment options, encouraging them to launch offshore operations there.

Increased Offshore Flexibility

As stated, the business owners do hold the reputation of starting their business efficiently and smoothly; the jurisdiction also provides the flexibility to select different business types.

Here’s a guide on the BVI Company Types that you can look at and choose the one that suits your business needs.

How to Incorporate a BVI Holding Company

A holding company's incorporation in the BVI has particular procedures that must be followed correctly.

Move Forward with Experts: 

Your initial step should be to speak with a business specialist familiar with the procedure. This is significant since, unlike a specialist, you can already fully know the business procedures necessary to incorporate an offshore company. Moreover, you will gain more understanding with specialists' assistance, whether in the context of the chosen jurisdiction or even the incorporation process.

Get a Clear Understanding:

Obtain Clarity of Understanding Dealing with business specialists will help you comprehend the appropriate steps. Making the right move at the right time will aid you.

Submit the Documents:

When it comes to business formation, documentation is crucial. In the BVI, the following documents must be submitted to form a holding company:

  • Duly filled holding company application form
  • Memorandum of association
  • Articles of association
  • Identity proof of the company shareholders and directors
  • Address proof of the company shareholders and directors
  • Well-drafted business plan
  • The required amount of payment to be made

The documents must be submitted to the business advisor, who will help you grab permission from the officials.

Open an Offshore Bank Account:

The last step is to start the procedure for opening an offshore bank account, which is necessary when opening an offshore business in any well-known offshore location. There are many benefits to opening an offshore bank account, and our most recent information on the advantages of offshore banking can help you understand them all.

In conclusion, you fully comprehend the steps involved in forming a holding company in the BVI.

Creating a holding company can provide you with many advantages and is one of the best strategic choices you can make. If handled with the help of professionals, company formation in the BVI is a more manageable process.

How Can We Help?

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What are the disadvantages of a holding company in BVI?

Fees: Subsidiaries will be responsible for paying formation fees and continuing compliance expenses, which can get expensive.
Management: There might also be management issues. Holding companies are not required to have all of the stock of their subsidiaries; if they do not, they must negotiate with the minority shareholders.

Which law governs the BVI Holding company?

BVI Business Companies Act of 2004.