British Virgin Islands (BVI) Holding Company

Holding business entities are considered as one of the famous offshore business structures that stands as a massive offshore vehicle that allows business investors to earn high-end profits by investing in popular offshore destinations.

By nature, a holding company is responsible for owning the outstanding stocks of other business entities. The business structure is not involved in the production process of goods and services, and the core task lies in forming a corporate group.

The British Virgin Islands, being one of the most favourable offshore business destinations, is one of the eye-catching offshore investment platforms that global business investors prefer. Starting an offshore business in the BVI is an easy and straightforward process. This guide outlines the essentials that are to be followed when setting up a holding company.

Holding Company Scenario in the British Virgin Islands

The incorporation of a holding company might have several objectives and usage. One of the core aims of setting up a holding company in the BVI is to hold the companies' shares in the high tax countries.

Alternatively, if a person owns a property in a tax-haven jurisdiction that is outside his domicile, then he can use a holding company to hold the respective assets and protect the same against the inheritance tax and other higher rates of tax. In short, a holding company can help you to deal with properties located offshore.

How to Open a Holding Company in the British Virgin Islands?

The incorporation of a holding company in the BVI involves specific steps that need to be taken adequately.

  1. Proceed with experts: The very first move that you need to make is to have a consultation with a business expert who is well-versed with the process. This is important because you might be now wholly aware of the business proceedings required in the offshore company incorporation, while an expert does. Be it in the context of the selected jurisdiction or even the incorporation process; you will get better clarity with experts guidance.
  2. Get a Clear Understanding: Once you deal with business experts, you will understand the steps to be taken accordingly. This helps to make the perfect move at the right time that will help you get better clarity.
  3. Be handy with the documents: Documentation plays a significant role when it comes to business incorporation. To incorporate a holding company in the BVI, one needs to submit the following essentials:
  • Duly filled holding company application form
  • Memorandum of association
  • Articles of association
  • Identity proof of the company shareholders and directors
  • Address proof of the company shareholders and directors
  • Well-drafted business plan
  • The required amount of payment to be made

The documents have to be submitted to the business advisor, who in turn will help you to grab the permission from the officials.

  1. Proceed with the bank account process: The very last step is to proceed with the offshore bank account process that is mandatory while setting up an offshore business in any of the popular offshore destinations. There are numerous advantages that you can grab by setting up an offshore bank account and to get clarity; you can have a glance through our latest guide on Advantages of Offshore Banking.

Benefits of Starting a Holding Company in the British Virgin Islands

The factors that drive the business investors to start a holding company in the BVI are:

1.Minimum Capital Requirement

Setting up an offshore company in the BVI requires a minimal count of investment at the initial stage. The flexibility of investing a minimal capital amount at the initial stage and grab high returns simultaneously provokes the business owners to call to start their business at ease.


Secrecy is one of the highest parameters when it comes to the incorporation of an offshore business. The British Virgin Islands has been one of the safest offshore jurisdiction that provides high-end flexibility to the business investors to maintain the confidential details of the same.

3.Reputed Jurisdiction

The BVI holds a high-status when it comes to the grounds of offshore investment. With high-end investment opportunities, the region can grab the business owners' attention, provoking them to start their offshore business in the BVI.

4.Increased Corporate Flexibility

As stated, the business owners do hold the reputation of starting their business efficiently and smoothly, the jurisdiction also provides the flexibility to select different business types.

Here’s a guide on the BVI Company Types that you can look at and choose the one that suits your business needs.

5.Offshore Bank Account

When it comes to the incorporation of an offshore business entity in the BVI, it needs to be backed by an offshore bank account that will help them to carry out the business transactions at ease. It is recommended to proceed ahead with the bank account process at the initial stage. There are multiple benefits of BVI Company formation with the bank account which you can experience by proceedings ahead to deal in the international market.

In a nutshell, you have understood the complete process of incorporating a holding company in the jurisdiction of BVI.

Holding company incorporation can fetch you numerous benefits, and one of the best strategic moves that you can proceed ahead with. Company formation in the BVI could turn out to be a more accessible process if dealt with under the guidance of experts.

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