Nominee Director Service in BVI

Offshore company incorporation demands high-end confidentiality that is much needed for the business investors and owners. The ideal concept of incorporating a holding company is that it provides high-end security to the business owners. This gets applied through the concept of nominee director services that one can easily avail to add a protective layer to the business entity incorporated.

The British Virgin Islands is one of the profitable offshore business grounds that helps the business investors to proceed ahead with the offshore company incorporation process. Proceeding ahead with the offshore business unit helps the business investors to enter into the international market and grab high-end experience. If you are looking forward to investing in the British Virgin Islands, and proceed with the incorporation of an offshore business unit, or even to open a holding company, being aware of the nominee director services will help you to protect the business unit at best.

A Snapshot to Offshore Company Formation in the BVI

The offshore company incorporation process in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is emerging continuously.  The global business investors prefer to invest in the zone by proceeding ahead with International Business Company (IBC).

According to the statistics, there are more than 417,125 IBCs that got incorporated. Opening an offshore company in the BVI demands bank account that helps the business investors to carry out the international business transactions.

What is Nominee Director Service?

The nominee director services are one of the fast ways that the business investors can avail to hide the business owners' original identity. This means that a proxy would appear to be the actual owner of the offshore business unit.

The Nominee Director Services in the BVI

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) holds the flexibility to provide nominee director services to the business investors. This service turns out to be more useful when it comes to the opening of a ready-made or shelf company.  If you ever wish to proceed with the nominee director services, you need to deal with a contract known as the Power of Attorney (POA). The document  gets signed between you and

The Duties of a Director

As per the legal guidelines, the duties of a nominee director is mentioned in the British Virgin Islands Business Companies Act  2004. A director needs to deal with the managing and supervision of the business entity, and thus, the same gets implemented on the appointed nominee directors. The core duties involve:

  • Duty of care- wherein the director has got the duty of diligence and skill. He must rely on the experts, get involved in discussion with other parties and act in good faith.
  • Fiduciary duties- This is one of the foremost duties, and he must also act in a manner that doesn’t violate the BVI company laws.
  • Compliance- This duty implies maintaining the business records and registers as directed by the law. Any negligence or failure of the same would lead to a penalty.
  • Information- In this regard, the business director needs to disclose the relevant business information to the company shareholders and make them aware of the financial scenario.

How to Avail Nominee Director Services in BVI?

To grab the nominee director services, one needs to go through the following steps:

  1. Get in touch with a business consultant who holds a complete knowledge of the nominee director services.
  2. After joining hands with the business expert, you need to understand the complete process regarding the business process.
  3. To avail nominee director services, the following documents are to be presented:
    1. A duly filled application form
    2. Identity proof of the shareholders and directors
    3. Address proof of the shareholders and directors
    4. Well-drafted business plan
    5. Certificate of incorporation
    6. Memorandum of association
    7. Articles of association
  4. Post-submission, the documents get verified, and finally, it gets approved.

Availing the nominee director services helps a business owner to hide the confidential details. Since it deals with high-end confidentiality, it turns out to be a better move to proceed with business experts.

Business Setup Worldwide| Your Offshore Guide

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