Vanuatu Offshore Company FAQs

1.How long does it take for company registration in Vanuatu?

With the help of BSW, setting up an offshore business in Vanuatu usually takes 5 days.

2.What is the governing corporate legislation in Vanuatu?

The companies in Vanuatu are regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission.

3.Does Vanuatu offer stability for businesses?

The Republic of Vanuatu has an excellent economic growth rate with

4.Is information related to company officers published publically?

No, the company details are not publically accessible thereby ensuring privacy for shareholders and directors.

5.Is filing annual returns compulsory for offshore companies?

No, filing annual returns is not compulsory for companies in Vanuatu.

6.Do Vanuatu companies require local directors or shareholders?

The companies do not necessarily require a local director or shareholder.

7.What is the standard currency?

The currency of Vanuatu is Vatu.

8.Is there any residency requirements for corporate meetings?

Local corporate meetings can be arranged anywhere in the country without any special requirement of residential space.

9.What is the minimum capital required for Vanuatu offshore company setup?

The standard authorized capital for starting an offshore business is $10,000.

10.Does the offshore business require a registered office?

Yes, registered office is mandatory for offshore companies operating in Vanuatu.