Company Secretarial Services in Yemen

One of the key ingredients in establishing a profitable business is to hire good people. You can reach greater heights when you have the best people to oversee the key positions in the company. A company secretary is one such role which needs to be filled with the most qualified person. They are responsible for handling all the administrative activities of the company. The person appointed in this position needs to make sure that they comply with the entire regulatory obligation.

Why Does a Business Need Company Secretarial Services?

Secretarial services have been given a new perspective in the corporate world. They not only comprise filing and corresponding all the administrative activities but also the compliance with statutory and legal issues which form the foundation of the company. They bridge the gap between the administrative and geographical inadequacies in a formation of the company as every state or a country have their own drafted plethora of rules and regulations. Corporate secretarial services are the foundations of any company regardless of the nature of a company.

The responsibilities of a company secretary are mainly divided into three categories:

  1. Board
  2. Company
  3. Shareholders

It is imperative to hire a Company Secretary while setting up a company as a failure to hire their services may pose problems for the company.

Benefits of Company Secretarial Services in Yemen

There are a number of benefits of appointing a company secretary once you incorporate a business in Yemen. Since the company secretaries act as a mediator between shareholders and other external stakeholders, they tend to have a range of useful contacts.

If you aren’t too convinced to engage in corporate secretarial services in Yemen, consider these advantages and weigh your options.

1. Accurate Handling of Administrative Requirements

Availing company secretarial services in Yemen will bring ease an efficiency in the working of the company. The right advisor assures you adhere with the strict regulatory requirement in a timely manner and that all your processes are handled with expertise and in-depth knowledge.

2. Ease and Convenience

Company secretarial service providers possess the knowledge and experience in handling administrative requirements; therefore, you can be sure that you have the right people who are properly trained to handle the job. All your processes and requirements are done with ease, quickly and more efficiently.

3. Task Completion

With company secretarial service in place, a company can be assured that there will be timely completion of the statutory filings because a default in them can lead to serious consequences like fine, legal battle even imprisonment. A company secretary will take complete care of these legalities making the company free from these problems.

4. Corporate Governance

Good corporate governance ensures that the company runs as it should and the interests of the shareholders are protected. A company secretary in Yemen will ensure that the director’s decisions and their engagement with the shareholders are run, not just legally, but as a matter of best practice.

Business Setup Worldwide Company Secretarial Services

We provide a complete roster of company secretarial and register services for all type of companies in Yemen. This includes:

  • Incorporation of LLC, public shareholding companies, and other such business entities
  • Preparation and filing of Annual Returns and the filing of particulars of directors, registered office, secretary and other statutory returns and notices
  • Company name reservation
  • Share conversions
  • Filing annual returns
  • Reinstatement of entities
  • Deregistration of entities
  • Obtaining copies of company documents
  • Preparation of documents for annual general meetings
  • Provision of secretarial services for Board of Directors
  • Notifying of changes in policies or directorates of companies to the Companies Office of Yemen

Who We Are

Business Setup Worldwide is a platform to help you start a business in Yemen. We provide services relating to company incorporation, company registration, accounting and bookkeeping, intellectual property protection, and company secretarial service. Our advisors have the in-depth knowledge and experience that enables our clients to completely rely on us to proactively and efficiently meet their obligations.

Why Us?

Business Setup Worldwide provides corporate secretarial services to enable clients to comply with their legal and administrative obligations in Yemen. Our corporate secretarial services are aimed at assisting our clients in managing and mitigating the risks of corporate non-compliance. Our experts in Yemen have years of professional experience and innovative techniques which will help ease the administrative burden on your company. We help your business with your company goals at the centre of our operations. We specialize in business support activities, in the ever-changing global corporate environment.