How to Start an Offshore Company in Switzerland?

Offshore Company in Switzerland

An offshore company which is incorporated by a non-resident and has no business activity in the nation where it has been registered. It means theoretically an offshore can be incorporated at any stage, but usually offshore countries are those who offer beautiful taxation system for the offshore companies.

Switzerland lies in the heart of Europe. It has the highest minimal wealth per adult in the world, according to Credit Suisse and the eighth-highest per capita gross domestic product. This prosperous and stable nation is internationally known for its renowned banking sector and low taxation. Swiss companies are taxed on three levels – federal, communal, and cantonal. The Swiss federal tax is only 8.5%. In addition to that, low cantonal charges apply.

Benefits of Starting an Offshore Business in Switzerland?

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Single-member ownership is permissible
  • Limited Liability Company which means the liability is limited to the shareholder contribution
  • Highly developed financial system
  • Access to a healthy banking system and investment option
  • Asset protection possibilities
  • Strong reputation
  • World-class banking and monetary jurisdiction
  • Double taxation treaties access
  • Confidential banking and beneficial ownership
  • An annual audit is only required for larger businesses meeting any two of the following criteria - CHF 40 Mio turnover, Assets CHF 20 Mio + or 250 Employees

Main Uses of Setting up an Offshore Company in Switzerland

  • Collective investment vehicle
  • Trading or Holding Company
  • International Investment
  • Company Tax planning vehicle
  • Physical or non-physical holding

Features of an Offshore Business in Switzerland

  • The requirement for a registered office in Switzerland
  • Minimum one director required
  • A local agent is required
  • No necessity for a company secretary
  • A mandatory requirement for audit
  • No obligation to file accounts
  • The majority of company directors must be resident, Swiss nationals presently domiciled in the country
  • Shares can be ordinary shares, preference shares, voting shares of nonvoting shares and can be issued at a premium; bearer shares are permitted

Procedure to Set up an Offshore Company in Switzerland

The requirements for starting an offshore company in Switzerland are –

  • Proof of passport copy and the official address
  • The documents needed for filing with the Company Registry
  • All signatures must be signed in front of a public notary who will become authentic the Articles of Association and the Public Deed of Business Formation

The Articles of Association includes –

  • Name of the Swiss GMBH
  • Company's local address
  • Purpose of incorporation
  • Total share capital and total issued shares
  • General and shareholders meetings prerequisites
  • Appointment of auditors and administrators

Business Setup Worldwide can assist you with the procedure of starting an offshore company in Switzerland. Here are the steps that we can take you through.

  1. Fill an order form. It usually takes 3-4 minutes to fill in and allow you to select different options for your business.
  2. Once the form is filled, you will obtain a confirmation email, with your client ID, as well as a request to upload your identification documents and an invoice.
  3. Once your payment is received, you will be appointed a dedicated account manager from BSW. This account manager will be your key point of contact during the rest of the year and succeeding years.
  4. Now that all services are processed successfully, it is time for you to receive your company kit, which will include all company documents.

Apart from this, we can also offer you with additional services like –

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Corporate Secretary
  • Intellectual Property
  • Business License
  • Corporate Bank Account

Should you decide to set up an offshore business in Switzerland, we can help you with it. Contact us today –we’d be happy to help you.

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