Limousine License in Dubai

Dubai is considered one of the most luxurious places in the world. Whether it's a corporate dinner or a crucial business meeting, you can rely on Dubai to be extravagant on every occasion. The usage of luxury cars is undeniable. Therefore the popularity of limo business setup in Dubai, UAE business is worth mentioning. 

Obtaining a license for your limousine business requires a proper process. This page is designed for limousine licenses and provides detailed information.

Limousine Business in Dubai - An Outline for Business Setup in Dubai, UAE

The limousine business in Dubai grew by 85% in 2022. This development is more prominent due to rising AI and booking apps. 3.4 million journeys were made in the last year using a limousine. 

The rising tourism sector also contributed to the growth of the limousine business in Dubai. According to the reports, the global industry is said to grow 7% annually.    

Step-by-step Process for Obtaining a Limousine License in Dubai

Setting up a business in Dubai as a foreigner can be daunting. You must understand the local culture, laws, and norms for procuring a limousine license in Dubai. Here is a step-by-step guide for getting a limousine license for a luxury business in Dubai.

Step 1: Finalize the Trade Name

The first step includes choosing a name for a limousine company in Dubai. Adhering to Dubai laws and regulations is compulsory. Avoiding any offensive name will remove the hurdles in getting the license. Defining your business activity is an additional procedure to obtain the limousine license for the company setup in Dubai.

Step 2: Determine the Location

The next step is finalizing the limousine business location. Dubai has mainland and free zones for business setup, and each location has different advantages. A free zone business will enjoy 100% repatriation of profits and zero capital and income tax. On the other hand, a mainland company can do business with the UAE market.

Step 3: Fill Out The Application Form

Submit the business license application form. Provide a set of documents to the Road Transport Authority (RTA). The registration process will be completed in the DED. 

Step 4: Complete the Training

Undergoing training before getting the license is necessary. Apply for a temporary license from the RTA. This license will only be valid for training sessions. Passing the training with a theory test is mandatory in this step for a limousine license in Dubai. 

Step 5: Take the Road Test

The next crucial step is to pass the road test. Proceed further by completing the driving license test for a limousine license in Dubai. The practical test is necessary for getting a driving license for a limousine business formation in Dubai.    

Step 6: Register The Company

After passing the road test, collect the approval certificate. An Establishment Card from the Ministry of Labour is an essential document for a limousine business setup in Dubai, UAE. 

Benefits of Starting a Limousine Business in Dubai

Here are some of the advantages of starting a limousine business in Dubai:

A limousine business in Dubai, UAE, has a higher profit margin than other businesses like regular chauffeur service. The startup cost is also lower for a limousine business.

Dubai has established itself as a luxurious hub for people living there. Hotels also hold high-net-worth clients for the stay. The consideration and demand for a limousine business are always high.

A limousine company setup in Dubai is always simple, especially with Business Setup Worldwide. 

Earning from the first customer is easily achievable for a limousine business in Dubai. No waiting for other customers to get profit. 

Essential Considerations for a Limousine License in Dubai

Kindly check out the below-mentioned aspects into consideration before finalizing the limousine business setup in Dubai, UAE:

  • Fund Availability: The availability amount for the limousine company process is to have AED 5 million funds. This demonstration is mandatory for opening a limousine license in Dubai. 
  • Minimum Vehicle Requirement: The minimum number of vehicles for operating a limousine business is 20. This number is to mandatorily check the necessary resources to meet the demand for limousine services. 
  • Office Space Requirement: The necessary minimum required office space is 225 square feet for opening a limousine business in Dubai. This office space is useful for the operation base. 

How Can We Help?

Starting a limousine business in Dubai can be thrilling for aspiring entrepreneurs. Understanding the different aspects of the limousine business in Dubai is essential. This is why Business Setup Worldwide comes into the picture. Experienced business consultants can guide you through the process of getting a limousine license in Dubai. Transforming your business dream into reality is our responsibility. Contact us to get started today and enjoy the benefits. 


How do I set up a limousine business in Dubai?

The following are the steps one should follow to start a limousine business in Dubai,
Select a business activity
Choose a legal entity
Select a location
Obtain a license
Open a bank account

Can anyone start a limo business in Dubai?

Dubai has highly strict laws and regulations. As a result, if you want to start a limousine company, you must hire drivers with valid driver's licenses who have completed the road test, theory exam, and eye test.

How much does an eight-passenger limo rental cost in Dubai for an hour?

In Dubai, the eight-passenger limo rental costs around $99 for an hour.