Limousine License in Dubai

Traveling stands as one of the essentials for people visiting Dubai. As once said, Dubai is a land of luxury, and you would always find people traveling with a Limousine that would mark their stay as classy and luxurious. Traveling in a limousine signifies modern times and a lavish lifestyle.

 Dubai, one of the major global destinations for the wealthiest individuals, is floating around in its limo, surrounded by countless cars and admirers.

While considering the luxurious limo life, if you desire to start a business, then the compulsory factor is to obtain a license.

The Necessity of Choosing Dubai Limousine Service

As a desert city, Dubai enjoys a lush landscape with dazzling architectural feats and awe-inspiring skyscrapers. At the same time, the city boasts superb sandy beaches and pristine waters, which combine to give you a glimpse of nature's best. Dubai has it all if you are out there for some adventure activity.

The city attracts tourists annually by offering several attractions like desert safari, paragliding over the city, swimming in the world's tallest building, and bungee jumping, among many others.

Moreover, Dubai is a delight to visit and offers a great experience to local and international tourists. The city offers many tourist attractions, including scenic views, adventurous water sports activities, and shopping.

Hiring a limousine in Dubai provides extra comfort for your special occasions, such as weddings, parties, engagements, and corporate events. Along with choosing the limo service, explore why you should invest in Dubai.

Procedure to Obtain a Limousine License in Dubai

Steps required to obtain a limousine license in Dubai are mentioned below:

Obtain Necessary Documents

The first thing to be accomplished is to hold the necessary documents to be presented to the respective government authorities.

Pass Eye Test

The next stage is an eye test that a certified external optician must verify before the license may be issued.

Submission of Documents

After passing the eye test, the following procedure is to submit the documents to the Road Transport Authority (RTA) Department. The school will hand over the documents if you have applied from a driving school.

Receive Temporary License

Once the documents are approved, the RTA will issue a temporary license. During the practice session, it is expected to carry a temporary license.

Apply for Theory Test

Following the practice exam, you must apply for the 35-question theory test, which will be given at one of the five accredited driving schools. AED 200 will be collected as the price for the theoretical test. It should be mentioned that you must have two photos, the appropriate ID proof, and a temporary license.

Apply for Road Test

The next step is to submit to a road test, for which a specific time will be scheduled. When you appear for the exam, you must fill out a form and bring your passport, driving record, and two passport photos to the RTA license section of your driving school, along with a fee of AED 200.

Collect the Approval Certificate

The last step is to undergo the approval certificate. You'll need to provide a legitimate ID and AED 100 to retrieve the test file. Your driving license will be issued within 15 minutes of processing the documents and the test file.

Moreover, if you fail the test, you must retake it, sign up for seven additional sessions at the driving school, and retake the theoretical test.

While reading the above steps, it feels a little complicated. However, to make the entire process time-saving, you can seek assistance from a business expert. Moreover, if you wish to start a business in Dubai, then learn about company formation in Dubai.

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How do I set up a limousine business in Dubai?

The following are the steps one should follow to start a limousine business in Dubai,
Select a business activity
Choose a legal entity
Select a location
Obtain a license
Open a bank account

Can anyone start a limo business in Dubai?

Dubai has highly strict laws and regulations. As a result, if you want to start a limousine company, you must hire drivers with valid driver's licenses who have completed the road test, theory exam, and eye test.

How much does an eight-passenger limo rental cost in Dubai for an hour?

In Dubai, the eight-passenger limo rental costs around $99 for an hour.