Procedure for Trade Name Registration in Dubai

Procedure for Trade Name Registration in Dubai

Dubai is a knowledge-based city with one of the most bustling economies in the region. When you want to establish a business in Dubai, trade name registration is the major thing you need to consider. Registering a trading name in Dubai is vital to run the business successfully. So, do it with Business Setup Worldwide to open new opportunities and enhance your overall success.

What is a Trade Name Registration in Dubai?

Trade name registration is a form of intellectual property (IP) protection for businesses in Dubai. It enables owners to protect their company names and stop others from using the same or equivalent name in the future. Moreover, a trading name is used to distinguish it from other companies dealing in the same line of business. 

Importance of Registering Trade Name in Dubai

A trade name, like a company name, helps others identify your business as a distinct enterprise from others. However, there are distinctions between the two.

Trade names are often used to do business under a different name as your legal name for established companies or when you want to enter the market with an entirely new product.

 For example, if someone decides to license their name for a clothing line or perfume line, they would register the trade names, not their legal business name. 

Using a trading name on business documents is one-way business owners can differentiate between their corporate or legal name and the name they use in their state of business. This is particularly helpful when using the same business name in different states or cities.

However, you can only register multiple names or trade names within the same business entity with some additional filings.

Along with the importance, have additional knowledge about brand and trademark registration in the Dubai-UAE

How to do Trade Name Registration in Dubai?

To start your business, you have to register a trading name. If you need to learn how to go about it, here are the simple trade name registration procedures; this will help you get it right.

Business Structure Acronym

The first step to being taken into concern is that the trade name must be followed by the company structure acronym such as LLC, EST, PJSC, and PrJSC. 

Aware of Trade Name Rules

The second step is that one should undergo thorough research about the trade name rules. The trade name should not violate the country's morals or public order. In addition, it does not contain any name of the religious authority or logos of any external bodies.

Note: The main factor to consider is that the trade name should have yet to be registered. To check that, you can visit Dubai DED

Be Selective in Choosing the Type of Activity

The third step is to be consistent with the required activity type and the company's legal status. 

To conclude, the registration system of a trading name in Dubai is simple, but the step-by-step procedure must be followed carefully. Moreover, if you hope to start a business in Dubai, here are a few key industries.

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How can an investor apply for a trading name?

An investor can apply for a trading name through the economic department in each emirate through its mobile application or website.

What is the difference between a trading name and a trademark?

A trademark delivers legal protection for an emblem, slogan, expression, term, design, logo, or other item associating goods or services with your company. A business name or trade name is your firm's official name under which it does business.

How many days does it carry to register a trading name in Dubai?

Registering a trading name in Dubai takes around 1-2 working days.

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